Around the world, tensions are rising and governments are cracking down. Things are turning more fascsitic.

For a good read on how things change from large-scale organizing to clandestine operations, check out Into The Night by Jan Valtin. It takes place in the interwar period.

Tear gassed? Pepper sprayed? Just use water.

“While skin exposures have been treated with alkaline solutions, baby shampoo, oil, milk, and lidocaine gel, the relative ubiquity of water combined with its similar efficacy make it the preferred treatment”

/r/SocialistProgrammers found my book and the first two comments are people complaining about the lack of a PDF.

Can you not click the link in the repo to the website where it’s hosted or search the term “riot medicine” and click the first hit?

Real “great minds of reddit” shit

Pim Tool is real mad about this awesome flag. Would be a shame if other people in other cities copied it.

‪*record scratch*‬

‪Yup. That’s me. You might be wondering how I got myself in this position. It all started when I was a kid and wanted to grow up to criminalize poverty.‬

‪“What is a nation? Show me one! I don’t want to be killed by an abstraction.”‬
‪— Death By Hanging (1968)‬

‪R E J E C T M O D E R N I T Y‬
‪E M B R A C E T R A D I T I O N‬

Aight pandoc, we need to have some words about how your handle tables. Total crap that I can't specify tabularx.

I'm pretty it's medical malpractice to get naked and breath sensually into your patient's ear.

‪I’ve gotten so used to seeing Charlie Kirk’s face shrunken that when I see an actual photo of him, I think “what the fuck is wrong with his face?”‬

‪Right // Wrong

Left: Star of Life
Right: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Knowing the difference could save a life!

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