I typed quarantacos fucking once at the beginning of corona and my phone will never autocorrect properly again

“Japanese government subsidizes fireworks as countermeasures in the monkey-human territory war on the border of a nuclear disaster exclusion zone” is an extremely 2020 piece of news.

A lot of lefties are tweeting this as “proof” Rittenhouse didn’t act in self defense. But the first paragraph could just as easily be turned against us to call us terrorists and justify violence against us.

Consider this: He was a Nazi ergo none of his violence is justifiable.

I don’t think this user understands how chat apps work. If you don’t have a login, how do you know who you’re talking to?

I love light gray text with light blue links on a white background. It's so readable. Thank you everyone who made this happen 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

If you’re wearing a helmet to a protest, make sure you adjust it to actually protect your head. Your forehead should be covered.

Please share your favorite memes dunking on fascists defending the worst parts of Modern Society.

Reminder that RT is right wing propaganda and that you shouldn’t be retweeting them or citing them.

Likewise with their affiliates Ruptly, Redfish, and Sputnik. Get better sources.

I just uploaded the shorter version of book titled "Riot Medicine: Field Guide" to my site. It's meant to be a pocket guide to help you if you forget things while treating people in the field.


Like Riot Medicine itself:

- it's free
- do whatever you want with it
- feedback welcome*

*: no really I wrote this one much faster than the last, so there's probably more spelling errors

I got so close to finishing the riot medicine handbook, except fucking formatting the tables in pandoc doesn't work yet aliuhgaliurhglaiurhg

Medics, can you please stop hanging equipment on the outside of your bags? I know it looks dope ‘n all, but there’s a reason professional EMS and combat medics don’t do this.

You want something quickly accessible? Put it in a a vest/pants pocket.

G'mornin lovelies. I'm feeling motivated af, so I made a crap ton of coffee and am writing again.

Let's conquest that bread.

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