Me: I play video games as a form of escapism from this sad, sad world.

Video games:

Lilienne the net picker: People imagine picking up and finding something better is an easy solution. But how is that supposed to work when all your time and energy goes to staying alive? You have almost nothing set aside to actually fight your way out.

This is a traumatic brain injury. If this happens to you, please go to A&E (emergency care) for things like this to check for life threatening injuries.

If this was in a movie it would be “over the top” or “hamfisted” but it actually existed

“Capital is vulnerable. All you need is to be decided.”
— Alfredo Bonanno

The phrase “anarchism is democracy taken seriously” should be abandoned. The original context is bad, and the way it gets used is “government, but anarchy-er.”

Libs gobbling up counter-insurgency propaganda and feeling smug about it

(Alt: Meme infographic explaining why bricks left at protests are there to encourage violence to delegitimize a movement)

If only there was historical precedent for what happens when nationalists get labeled as socialists. Ah, nevertheless

Hive mind: is this a suitable blurb for the back of my book? Would you add/remove anything? Is the length good? help i need an adult

Lefties stop posting this image challenge

Being evil doesn’t make you ugly. Being ugly doesn’t make you evil. Beauty is not a universal constant. Your appraisal of someone’s appearance says nothing about their morality. No.

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