@Anarkat folx have a lot of strange ideas about how to treat riot control agent contaminations

I fucking hate indexing. I'm 1/3 done, and it is actually the worst.

Why yes, I am a wearing a balaclava as improvised PPE to the market. What you gonna do about it?

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Upside of the pandemic is normalizing covering your face in public.

‪Bad things happening to bad people is good, actually.‬

And so.. it begins.. Police repression against homeless people in #Dresden Neustadt #Germany, March 21, 2020. Welcome to sanitary fascism! #coronavirus #COVID19 #Ausgangssperre #coronavirusdeutschland #coronavirusDE #antireport

nationalism the police and corona in vienna 

It's 10:36 and my roommates just woke up for the day.

Livin' that quarantine life.

@SunSaint Hello! Hello! There's a bunch of people who want to join in and help, so let's see what everyone signs up for. The list (with references) is here. Let me know if you have any questions.


I am a dumbass. I misspelled my name in my email address on my website.

@Hi_cial Oh no. I hope I didn’t type my email wrong on the website. I’m going to recreate the list of things I need and post it soon. With instructions too. I’ll @ you when I do :)

@turtlebirb Former life guard, but I’m part of a medic collective with doctors who are reviewing it

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