Online has been particularly shit lately. Taking a break.

Sometimes I think about the broke-ass shit I do (like have a pickle jar as a chamber pot because of a bad roommates to toilet ratio), and then I remember that by many measures I'm doing better than average for my demographic. Fuckin' bleak, it is.

Alright nerds, I can't sleep and I need your most "I'm in the cyberpunk neon matrix" music while I do some digital nazi disliking.

@slurping_noodles both but more so online because tankies don’t seem to get out on the street so often

@slurping_noodles I deal a lot with tankie nonsense and would not describe it as playful. Some people straight up supplicate themselves like “I am a lowly prole and thank Xi for guiding us to socialism.”

Reading French and getting pissed at francophones for writing “en retard” everywhere smh cancel the French for ableist slurs

@Weeb I read his first book and really liked it because it was a good mix of juicy gossip, technical bits, and shit talking

This morning I went outside and said “Merry Christmas” and antifa murdered me. Thanks, Biden.

In all seriousness, a doctor should rewrite it and I will be very happy my contribution was “thing someone else built off of”

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I had fucking doctors review it and was still like “I’m such a fucking fraud, what a pos, someone else should have written this” and then people ask for money to spew lies. FUCK

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Wild to me that Esha has a history podcast and website but isn’t a historian. I constantly feel uncomfortable having written a medic handbook despite not being a doctor even though I have a current EMT cert and previously had lifeguard cherts. The audacity of these people ffs

Please tell me there are combo Juul/Jul memes out there with like... mad sick teens getting absolutely ripped on that sweet Yuletide vape juice

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