I typed quarantacos fucking once at the beginning of corona and my phone will never autocorrect properly again

@Billypilgrim I meant and as in both categories. Doesn’t have to be both

@sidd_harth0_5h4h I do t know any as comics aren’t my thing really but I would like to get some

Yo anarchoqueers. What are your favorite graphic novels / comics that deal with anarchism and queerness?

When I shitpost, I use words like “whomst” and “whence.” When weird British chuds get sappy over a dead cop they’re all “died whilst on the line, now returns from whence he came” and I honestly read it like they’re shitposting about his death. Slays me, it does.


You, a smart: finite state machine
Me, a dumbass: flying spaghetti mutilation

Liberals in my mentions saying shite like “antifa are the real patriots” 🤢🤢

There's an tendency to over-categorize so many things as "terrorism," but it is safe to say that screaming slurs out of a car window then running over protesters is textbook terrorism: intentional violence against civilians for political purposes.

“Self-described” is the mainstream media’s equivalent to the popular anarchist phrase “so-called” that is used to imply lack of legitimacy.

Are any of my followers the kind of nerds who would know how to find a paper on like... the linguistics of people online capitalizing words for emphasis in a throwback to the style of hundreds of years ago?

I can assert with absolute certainty that I deeply hate whoever owned the Tesla with a Call of Duty sticker I saw in Shoreditch last week

@js0000 yeah I am completely writing off all resources that are over a year old. I don’t know how JS folx do it.

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