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‪The “Canada is some benign version of the US” myth needs to die. Canada sucks too.‬

‪Fun fact:‬
‪You can’t steal from the rich. You can only reclaim from them.‬

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100% subtooting every shitass who said the Trump team buying 88 ads with a 14 word leading sentence that used the Nazi political prisoner symbol was just “trolling.”

Also all you more-left-than-liberal types who aren’t alarmed by this: turn in your antifa membership cards

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[in the Arbeit Macht MAGA concentration camp]

Liberals: This is just Trump trolling us!

A lot of the specific historic things may not apply directly to modern organizing and antifascist work, but two things from it really stand out:

1. The massive change in tactics after crackdowns
2. How fucking useless the Soviets were pre WWII

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Around the world, tensions are rising and governments are cracking down. Things are turning more fascsitic.

For a good read on how things change from large-scale organizing to clandestine operations, check out Into The Night by Jan Valtin. It takes place in the interwar period.

There are people out there who unironically use the phrase "anarcho-neocon," and I hate every single one of them.

I'm getting a lot of new followers due to my medic posts, so a station update for you all.

I am:
- extremely anarchist
- militant antifa
- sectarian
- anti-TERF
- anti-SWERF
- anti-tankie
- anti-NGO / professional organizer
- kinda crude / unrefined

No compromises. ¡No pasarán!

‪We should start a campaign to make 131 “Anti-Cop Action” to take it away from the fash who use it for “Anti-Communist Action.”‬

@Cobalt is there a way to download that without putting in an email address?

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