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There are more than 3 tbh, but this is #3 who has contributed art anonymously.

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‪“It’s logically inconsistent to laugh at the suffering of JP and also be a prison abolitionist.”‬

‪Lmao fuck off. There’s a difference between laughing at an asshole tripping and creating a system that knocks them over.‬

mathematics, science, racism 

What ever happened to Elon’s dumbass cyber truck? Did that think sink into oblivion or what?

Rose are red
Violets are blue
Capital is vulnerable
All you need is to be decided

Only three people come of if I search "street medic" and none of them have posted in over 2 years 😭 😭 😭

Also this table sucks ass as it is neither ordered by date, name, location, type, nor number of deaths. Literally random. Fuck off.

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Adding facts for the sake of having facts is not actually helpful for understanding things.

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Me: I would like to know about psychological first aid.

PFA book: How about I tell you about century old mine disasters?

Me: I’m going to bed nice and early

Someone: *sends me more art*


the best thing about “be gay do crimes” is that it encourages people to be gay and also to do crimes.

Books on:

First Aid: Here is the circulatory system and how shock affects it. Here's the anatomy of an ankle and how a sprain affects it.

Psych. First Aid: uwu did a fucky wucky natural disaster happen? Why dontcha just make 'em feel real safe like?


Like mfers, can you not afford to just put even the most basic ass effort in to explain wtf cortisol and adrenaline are? Or how emotions cause physiological changes?

What the feck. My mind is blown.

endorphine = ENDOgenous morPHINE

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ACP 🎉🍰

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