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So uh. The anons finished all the illustrations for my book, and now I have to go back and look for places where I can add the "nice to have" illustrations. Absolute legends, the lot.

The coronavirus is not “antifa” despite infecting some fascists. Corona virus kills indiscriminately. Antifa does not. Please stop.

‪Doctors/policy makers: If we can get people to reduce their social contact and make small changes to their routines, we can save millions of lives.‬


Yes this is about climate change but much of it applies to the breakdowns and crackdowns that are coming

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The biggest hurdles in stopping deaths via COVID-19 are fighting misinformation, complacency, and selfishness.

“Waddup bootlickers. I fucking hate you, but here’s some bread and human rights.”

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The weirdest part of being an anarchist is being an altruist and an idealist while also being a complete misanthrope.

Extremely regretting that I decided to add an index to my book. This shit sucks ass.

‪Bitcoiners are all fucking idiots whose entire definition of freedom hinges on “being able to spend money”‬

Editing my books whilst shitposting in a nazi's menchies, like the true Renaissance Mensch that I am.

‪Progressive Rock: Rock, but a little weird‬

‪Progressive Metal: Metal, but just absolutely going apeshit‬

‪MLs love saying phrases like “world stage‬”

A swarm of gnats is called a ghost, so if anyone ever tells you that ghosts aren't real, you're legally allowed to sue them for lying.

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