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This post brought to you by realizing one of the illustrations in my book makes precisely this mistake 🙃

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Left: Star of Life
Right: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Knowing the difference could save a life!

Left wing comics intentionally drawing swastikas like shit will never not be funny.

Anarcho homies. What are you favorite essays about anarchism and farming/self-sufficiency?

‪I am irrationally annoyed by people who post pics of themselves in respirators with the filters removed for a more “slick” look‬

I love the way my body odor smells after I eat fenugreek. I am a fragrant treat.

‪Went for a run. Some lass stumbled because she took her eyes off the path while smiling at me.‬

‪Got home. Made stir fry. Cute neighbor came by to ask for something. Said my cooking smelled good.‬

‪The sun shines on me today.‬

‪The problem with pushing “flatten the curve” is that people take it to mean “only take measures to not overwhelm the hospitals” and not “prevent unnecessary deaths.”‬

‪And then ten thousand Dunning-Kruger reddit morons will lap up the misinterpretation.‬

Holy fuck copy pasting is fast. I could have this done in days (if I didn't care about formatting)

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Me: When I finish my book, I'm going to take some personal time.

Me, 1 goddamn day after finish my book: What if I write another book?

Welp. Here we go with "Riot Medicine: Field Guide"

‪I made a goddamn vat of shakshuka and I am very much missing eggs right now 😭‬

If nothing else, I hope publishing my book inspires others to create high quality media and educational materials with an explicit anarchist worldview. We need more of that.

Link examples in the replies, and I’ll boost.

It cracks me up when I see aggro af accounts for groups with names like The Red Revolutionary People’s Army Faction with less (birbsite) followers than me cuz like... mates I’m just some dumbass who wants people to use band-aids correctly. Good luck revolting your 8 buddies and one AK. 👍👍

‪At this point I’m convinced anyone who writes “he or she” is going out of their way to avoid using the singular they‬

‪I should say that I’m not a paid writer, and that writing my book over the last year took place along side a full time desk job, nazi hunting, and actually going out as a medic.‬

‪There’s nothing special about me. I just chose to put in the time for this over personal things‬

I'd like to give a huge thanks to the illustrators and editors who've helped out over the last year and the comrades who've kept me going (especially the last few months of editing whilst in quarantine).

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