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"bUt It'S nOt ReAlL aN aUtOnOmOuS zOnE tHe PoLiCe CoUlD cOmE bAcK"

Dream bigger.

Or Lorenzo Orsetti said in his last letter:

"Every thunderstorm begins with a single drop. Try to be this drop."

Other complain about the fact that it’s hard to build. Or that it uses packages not in their TeX distro. Damn y’all sorry I wrote a whole open source book and added a makefile but didn’t explain every package you need preinstalled.

And not a single PR 🤔🤔🤔

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/r/SocialistProgrammers found my book and the first two comments are people complaining about the lack of a PDF.

Can you not click the link in the repo to the website where it’s hosted or search the term “riot medicine” and click the first hit?

Real “great minds of reddit” shit

Pim Tool is real mad about this awesome flag. Would be a shame if other people in other cities copied it.

‪There are still lefties out there who think “white bad, brown good” and end their analysis there in this the year 2020‬

Everyone saying that pride month was cancelled, but it actually feels like the most genuine pride month in a long time.
No corporate floats or rainbow branding. Just people angry and pushing to change the world.

The unrest in the US has the most important characteristic of insurrection: it shows us that another world is possible.

If you'd asked me on May 24th if the US was capable of rising up and having a mass street movement against fascism, I would have said unlikely. Being proven wrong brings me great joy.

And more importantly, it shows those who are afraid that real resistance can happen.

Smashing the phones and cameras of influencers using protests for """authenticity""" or a photo-op is praxis.

I mean this exactly zero percent ironically. Don't let them water down the movement. Don't let them steal your valor. Fuck them all.

‪Making a political alignment online quiz that always responds “you’re an anarchist” as a recruiting tool‬

‪*record scratch*‬

‪Yup. That’s me. You might be wondering how I got myself in this position. It all started when I was a kid and wanted to grow up to criminalize poverty.‬

‪You still don’t think all cops are bastards?‬

‪Grow up.‬

‪Black person: *has a rifle*‬

‪White people: Omg it’s the Black Panthers!!!‬

Just did some napkin math, and my book has been downloaded at least 20,000 times from my website alone, and that's not counting p2p sharing or any of the mirrors. Holy feck.

I’m not cross posting on the fediverse because I’m up to my eyeballs in shit and can’t remember. Sorry folx.

Main goals for today: resting up, donating to bail funds, and reading Riot Medicine by @hakan_geijer.

Buona prassi tecnologica per pubblicare contenuti nel 2020.

Un libro di 500 pagine di medicina da campo per gli scontri messo su un repo git open, tutto in LaTeX, buildabile con make, rilasciato in public domain. A parte l'host che lascia a desiderare, prassi ineccepibile.

@hakan_geijer great praxis, keep going with your work and let us know if we can help (with the tech part, I know nothing about medicine)

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