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What if we accidentally thought a nazi-shooting informant was actually an antifascist. We might praise and support them instead of throwing them to the wolves! Imagine how much egg would be kn our faces!!!!!!

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Typically the first thing I do when cops execute someone who shot a Nazi is debate whether or not the Nazi-shooter was an antifascist or a a cop.

I don’t think this user understands how chat apps work. If you don’t have a login, how do you know who you’re talking to?

I'm like 99% sure my chat server is up and running so uhh if you want to help with translations or otherwise chat medic stuff, DM me for info.

I love light gray text with light blue links on a white background. It's so readable. Thank you everyone who made this happen 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I think I have my chat server up and running. Anyone have a matrix account and want to help me smoke test it?

There are like exactly 8 of you who give a fuck, but I finally figured out a routing problem and can probably get the chat server for translations up tomorrow morning. I have wasted literal days on this.

I am massively behind on every one of my projects because I have over committed. Bear with me.

imagine donating to the labour party. giving those red tories money as like some social cause or some shit. if you gave a person in need £10 you'd do 10,000x the social change £10 would do with labour. they'd probably end up spending it on more 'advisors' who harass Dawn Butler again

If you’re wearing a helmet to a protest, make sure you adjust it to actually protect your head. Your forehead should be covered.

Fucking wild how much the conflicts of the least few months make me realize how much more I need to add to my book. 😐

Specially people ask about:

- where to buy med gear
- armed medics
- body armor

And also the huge difference between EU/US with regards to police/bloc/fash/medic tactics. Tactics leaned heavily EU style (because that’s where I live)

Someone with “praying Trump will resign soon” in their bio is telling me that I misunderstand the differences between European and US fascism, and I seriously cannot with liberals. Gtfo.

Basically not even posting about Europe because the US is more interesting right now and also what goes down there has a good chance of moving here in a few years just like other aspects of modern fascism.

Please share your favorite memes dunking on fascists defending the worst parts of Modern Society.

Reminder that RT is right wing propaganda and that you shouldn’t be retweeting them or citing them.

Likewise with their affiliates Ruptly, Redfish, and Sputnik. Get better sources.

I’ve seen chuds blaming “fake antifa soy boy medics” for the death of the Trumpster and not the police who shoved said medics away (all of which is easily verifiably from footage).

The US right has talked about targeting medics before. Stay safe out there. 🏴

Extremely hilarious that European liberals still think the mass violence in the US is because of guns and not, y'know, all the fucking nazis.

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