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V disappointed that some renderings of the neutral emoji set just looks like Man Lite.

Pretty sure I just blocked my first mastodon user. 🧐

"But cops need a warrant" means literally nothing when it comes to information security

1. They might not even get one
2. They might just ask nicely
3. What requires a warrant now might not in the future
4. Data is forever

Don't put your safety in the hands of legal system.

Damn it's real wild that the people I've seen most against "sexual mutual aid" as a concept have been sex workers and women* and the people who have been most for it are civvie dudes* and academics. Really makes ya think.

A lot of time this is some sort of St. Paul Principle "keep conflicts internal" kinda argument or some sort of appeasement to prevent further fracturing of groups. IME I have never seen as much damage done to anarchist groups as I've seen done from people weaponizing callouts.

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Because this is a recurring theme:

Absent formal justice/mediation systems, many anarchist and informal groups (internet/IRL) resort to using callouts. Sometimes callouts are false for social gain. Telling people to just let it go or not respond is telling them to capitulate to abuse.

If I could kill any anarchist myth, I would be seriously torn between "dumb phones are burners and make you safe" and "apple cider vinegar cures pepper spray / tear gas."

These are both the exact same kind of dogma that we as anarchists should be railing against, and yet both are myths that just will not die holy shit.

If you say something that is academically correct, but everyone assumes you meant something different, then you are bad at communicating and also wrong.

This song makes me want to get absolutely ratchet drunk off moonshine, rob a bank, and party late into the night with fireflies and gators.

The way activists talk about digital security and OpSec often leaves me terrified because how completely and throughly both are misunderstood 😬😬

This one goes out to the agender gang. ⬛️⬜️🟩⬜️⬛️

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Have you experienced how freeing it feels to totally disconnect from the digital world? To become a ghost? To move without being tracked? Pure bliss.

Like everyday I see something like “ayy if you’re gonna go to a protest bring a burner.”

1. You mean protest phone
2. The properties that make a phone a “protest phone” are never discussed in sufficient detail as to be actionable or useful

And in most cases where there is any significant amount of repression it is probably better to bring no phone to prevent location tracking, social network mapping, and data extraction if arrested.

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Quarterly reminder that most of you who say “burner phone” really mean “disposable phone” or “protest phone,” and likewise most of you do not understand the security properties and implications of disposable/protest phones.

Potentially silly question for the yanks: do you folx have A4 paper as an option at copy shops or is it just the US letter/legal sizes?

lewd shitpost 

Watching Sin City and cumming upon the inside of my pantaloons after watching strippers gun down cops.

Me: Please do not spray diarrhea onto my freshly washed bedsheets

BreadTube “””Leftist”””: Wow pretty authoritarian of you, you so-called anarchist

Wild that people will tag me in tweets or say “source: riot medicine” and then say things that are directly contradictory to what I wrote. 🙃

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ACP 🎉🍰

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