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Yeah I'm looking at you, Signal. Jfc get it together. I literally just got in a fight with someone because 2 messages dropped and the rest went out of order. Fuck you.

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If your chat app sends messages out of order or sends some messages but not others, you should be thrown off a cliff.

Every time I hear DOOMTREE BANGARANG my power grows stronger

I published my book 6 months (and 3 days) ago, and that feels like another lifetime. A lot of lockdown, and a lot of protests. Wild how fast things change.

I made a vat of daal, I'm blasting Meshuggah, and I'm nazi hunting. I haven't been this content in so long.

I can’t say what exactly transpired but I just leveled up on my ability to gather data on various bastards, and damn I hope I can make something of this 👀


Eat Out to Help Out sounds like some weird kink where a sub has to help a Domme with her chores, and one of her chores is “get laid.”

If I get got by the cops/chuds, I want memorial graffiti on cops cars or whatever to say "Gather data on various bastards"

I said I was going to make zines, and that’s still in the backlog, but I’m bad at making zines and pretty alright at composting chuds. So. Switching to that eh.

Disk usage:

~/antifa/ ██
~/nazi-shit/ ██████████████

Remote workers should be given tax breaks because their home is now their office.

Stop listen to anything Jacobin writers say challenge 2021

It’s ok to not like stuff. Maybe it’s even ok to not want to see it. It’s probably not the case that “I don’t want to see it so it’s bad.”

In particular the sex-negative and anti-degeneracy left. But this universalization of preference needs isn’t the way forward.

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It would behoove much of the left to remember that personal preferences aren’t universal moral stances.

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