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Just got an instant 12 hour suspension on birdapp for this post. They’re getting pretty fucking aggressive with these auto-moderations

One of my mates is looking for a 20ish (or less) paper on Occupy and neoliberalism. In the sense of how was Occupy backlash to the “success” of neoliberalism, and how did it demonstrate an alternative. This isn’t really my area but maybe some of you know.

I don’t even know if they did it on purpose and I only realized it as I was walking away

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A coworker just said “ciao you later” and I am dead

The closest I got to accepting money was a smut peddler I follow offered up their wares, but as someone who was already a customer I felt bad taking away like 20 quid I would have given them eventually. Cuz I knew they were semi-broke and I was like “no bb please just keep it”

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Still not accepting money because I have a cushy job that funds my antifa shenanigans well enough and others aren’t so fortunate.

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One of my mates wanted to get me a Christmas gift but knew I don’t really need/want anything. So they donated to a local mutual aid group in my name. Anyone who has ever felt the need to give me money for my book can do the same


Wear a mask, wash you hands, and avoid group vomiting.

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I thought I’d heard every bad corona story, but my mate woke up to a naked woman in his flat who told him about how she took part in a group spiritual cleanse where they all burned frog poison into their skin and vomited together.

She got offended when he called it poison and corrected him saying it was “medicine.” And that because tropical frogs have no natural predators it means the earth mother put it there for humans.

The world is fucked up, and none of get to live out even our modest dreams. If someone finds joy in something that doesn’t harm anyone else, leave them alone and don’t talk shit.

A fun game to play with your friends is “how little can I work without getting fired”

This article puts words to the feeling I’ve had for a long time about social justice language being misused to enable asocial behaviors

> Art is not meant to be for everyone.

I mean "a single piece of art is not intended to please all viewers/consumers." Not that art categorically is beyond some people. Not that I think anyone took it that way. But still.

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I am once again begging lefties to not conflate personal preference with morality.

Art is not meant to be for everyone.

Art is meant to be expressive.

Art is simply a creation of the artist.

Reject "degenerate" as a category.

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The Right: "This art is degenerate!"

The "Left": "No, this art is degenerate!"


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