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Your job at the community would probably be manual labor, let’s be real.

I am alright at medic stuff and computers, but many are better at both. Also how much those are needed in a small commune vs building, cooking, cleaning, and farming is... slight.

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My job at the commune is... hard to say in advance and while I know what skills I have, my actual contributions to the community will depend on what other skills are present and as our specific needs, so to assume any of my current knowledge would make me an expert is fallacious.

The existence of godspeed implies the existence of goddisplacement and godacceleration.

Truly incredible what a bastion of fascism extremely online (mostly white) Facebook mums are.

Clearly not all are literally this but holy feck some of the shit people say makes it sound like their Party is exactly the same as the piece of shit corporation where I work.

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“You have to report in to the Party video call at 1900 hours where you will deliver a progress report to your regional Kommissar who will determine if you need to be put on a Revolutionary Improvement Plan lest you be thrown from the org for a lack of discipline.”

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Party-based leftists be like “how can we defeat capitalism if we don’t exactly reproduce capitalist human relationships and work ethic within our organization?!?”

Robbin Hood, famously known for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, is also the name of a finance app that upholds the very system where the rich steal from the poor.

Damn lifestylists, living their ideals and making praxis a fundamental part of their lives.

What a bunch of LARPing bastards, the lot.

@hakan_geijer Ok slight improvement in that it seems to all come from one person and isn’t popular elsewhere. Anyway.

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I just did a quoted search for an anti-Semitic phrase I assumed nazis would use that’s akin to Cultural Marxism and I am pleased it doesn’t exist on DuckDuckGo, Google, or Twitter. And no I will not be sharing.

(plz don't take this 100% literally, but the amount of fetid vomit takes from the anti-imp crowd is off the charts)

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Imperialism is bad and should be opposed, but honestly I don't trust none you fkkrs who have "anti-imperialist" in yer bios

I know “Marx failed to consider X” is a meme meant to dismiss this point but like... the world has change a lot and actually yeah Marx isn’t omniscient and probably would have different opinions now then he did way back when. Idk my good dudes. Maybe let’s get with the times.

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I don’t me to be such a dyamb reactionary, but maybe a 170 year old book isn’t the ultimate authority on how to challenge the State 🤷🤷🤷

We should crowd source a fleet of tugboat rocket drones to knock all the Starlink satellites out of the sky. Just give ‘em a bump so their orbits decay and they burn up.

This year has burnt me to a husk. The only two emotions I can experience anymore are melancholy and burning hatred.

How politicians can sleep at night with literally tens of thousands of deaths on their hands is truly beyond me. Fucking sociopathic it is.

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