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Perchance might we stop with the obsessive veneration of antifascist “””celebrities”””

Roses are red 🌹
Violets are blue 🫐
Smash the State 🏴
And send nudes too 🍑

Also this is false. NGOs have scale but are often hamstrung by bureaucracy and regulation. Many independent groups operating autonomously can be much more precise and tactical and use fewer resources for greater good.

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I can think of little that shows solidarity more than directly providing aid to those who need it

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> more dangerous

Phrased that poorly. I guess I meant: more infections and harder to fight because we have less research at our disposal and less cultural knowledge of this type of stuff compared to "jackbooted nazis who did genocide"

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E.g., much discourse over the tech / SV is about it being racist (hiring practices, AI/ML bias), authoritarian (Palantir, Clearview AI, et al.), and general just capitalist af. I think how absolutely disgustingly racist and reactionary it is hidden by these surface analyses

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I know some people focus on these, but it seems like NRx/rationalists have their own silo of research as does dirtbags/stupidpol. Etc. etc. I wish more of these silos broke into mainstream left discourse so that we could attempt to bring these things to light for liberal types

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I find syncretic fascism both more interesting and more dangerous than stereotypical, "classic" fascism (neo-nazis, MAGAs). QAnon is one example, but I really wish more people talked about NRx, rationalists, the dirtbag left, and stupidpol.

Want to get rid of these Tory bastards? Don’t vote Labour. Vote brick. 🧱

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I can’t see my partner for Valentine’s Day because they’re an ICU nurse and in quarantine because of COVID exposure. Fuck the government.

If I have to see another Sia screenshot I s2g I'm gonna vomit.

F'real, thank you for the people who made the educational threads and watched it to write reviews so we don't have to, but also jfc 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Seeing photos of my past where I was with groups of friends and perceiving them as stills from a movie I've seen a long time ago because I can't really remember what it's like to be in a close, group setting without distance and masks.

What if 🤔 we stopped commenting 👀 on the looks of people we don’t like 🧐 as if they have some relation 😒 to their morality or quality of character? 🙇

At its core, conservatism is a shitty, selfish, racist, sexist, homophobic, ideology. I don’t wanna work with those people.

If we can fire the nazis we should fire the nazi defenders too is all I’m sayin’

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Just don’t do free PR and rehabilitate their image. You’re doing bad shit for bad people. Take that dummy thicc paycheck and use it to fund insurrection instead of your luxury flat in a hip neighborhood

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“Actually I’m just the lead button pusher at Baby Stompers Inc but it’s ok because it’s in the household appliances division.”

Look, whatever Craig. You work for Satan and your labor funds the baby stomping. Just own that shit and say “I wanted to stop worrying about rent”

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People take well-paid jobs for shitty corporations to survive capitalism. Maybe they shouldn’t, but having stable income is nice. If that’s you, don’t down play it. Call out how shit your employer is, acknowledge why you took it (£$€), and the yeet mad clams at activists

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