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Request for meme: WWII style OpSec propaganda poster that says “shut up and film less”

As a general note, as fun as it can be to trade “war stories” about crimes and hijinks, I absolutely do not want to know about this sort of stuff, especially not over insecure comms channels.

Even the people I collaborate with. Unless a specific part of an action is relevant to my role, I don’t want to know. The less I know, the less trouble I can get you in if nabbed. It also protects me from being incriminated.

Silence is security.

If the police are telling you how to protest, it’s a pretty safe bet you should do exactly the opposite if you want to be effective.

So can everyone please stop repeating the “outside agitator” and “anarchist hijacker” tropes.

Could do with less lefties having thinks like “ex-Facebook” and “ex-Google” in their bios as that is such a weird flex. Cool yeah you’re elite enough to pass muster at these shit mega corporation who paid you handsomely. That should be seen as shamefully as “ex-Raytheon”

The quote is, quite literally, under anarchy everyone is both a cop and a soldier who doles out punishment for crime. Which lmfao absolutely not no stop get out.

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The phrase “anarchism is democracy taken seriously” should be abandoned. The original context is bad, and the way it gets used is “government, but anarchy-er.”

If you say it’s a meme, it’s not a good meme. Get a better meme.

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I want to fucking vomit every time liberals rediscover the Swedish military LGBT rainbow propaganda and say shit like “fascists get owned.”

Every national military is fascistic.

Anti-protest laws are complete shite because at their core they remove our humanity. It’s pure authoritarianism to ban spontaneous and collective expressions of grief or rage because the State doesn’t like it or a permit wasn’t issued.

Yeah a lot is going on rn but I’m just acting as a relay for somethin. Anyway.

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Help needed. Who are radical French publishers? As in can publish a text in French and also speak French. Plz and thx.

Really sad to think that literally 100 years from now the next generation of tankies will still be calling the OPCW report on Syria a CIA lie to discredit a great anti-imperialist.

Bold of me to assume I’m anyone’s fave, I know. T’wast a joke.

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“Omg this anarchist supports banks.”

Buddy. Cryptocurrency is a deregulated bank/stock market. How has that historically ended for the working class?

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