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Also lest anyone think I’m only dunking on Marxists and similar, anarchists absolutely have this problem too with some our big names. While important, I think we overemphasize the hell out of Bakunin, Kropotkin, Malatesta, and Goodman.

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Like I am sorry but new authors exist, no one should be an authority on a anything, and “what Marx would think about X” is just an exercise in creative writing. Who gives a shit what some dead guy thinks about a think he never saw? What do people now think? What do *you* think?

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A lot of people have managed to develop parasocial relationships with authors and theorists who have been dead for 100 years. Perhaps that is not good.

In my headcanon, La Femme is playing from speakers all over France as people powerwalk chicly to blasé but lavish engagements.

I made a typo and called myself a degenderate, which is technically correct.

Homosexual ornithologists be like "yeah, I'm a Larksist-Meninist."

Everything I think Marx said is scientific and therefore true. Everything else is revisionist/chauvinist and therefore false.

Or succinctly “don’t provoke the police while opposing them” is an oxymoron

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The existence of people who don’t believe in police supremacy is itself a provocation against the police.

Telling people to forsake actions that might upset cops is a capitulation to this supremacy.

someone said this to me recently and oof i felt that one in me soul

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A new piece of riot cop equipment is this red bit of the visor to block out green laser pointers. Interesting to know.

Been too fucking lazy to post here lately. Gotta give some decentralized love too

I love the word chud. Like the sound of an overcooked brisket smacking into the ground. It’s a perfect descriptor.

mention of violence 

If you're feeling upset by all the footage circulating of police attacking protestors and others, there is one useful thing you can do: donate to the GoFundMe for the Bristol protestors' legal costs.

It looks like they're well on the way to their £15,000 target.

As ever: if you can't afford to donate, don't feel bad about it! This is something to do only if you can.

One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

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