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Real shame that AILF (anarchist I'd like to fuck) doesn't roll off the tongue so easily

Vagueness makes it easy for people to jump on and support a critique, but they might not know what specifically they’re standing for or against. You have to name the behavior clearly enough that near no one assumes something that didn’t happen.

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Problematic people will always exist, but a movement is healthier when we can explicitly name bad behavior without exaggerating or using vague terms to get people on our sides.

Using the most damning words in every instance removes the gradation of harm. It poisons discussion

If you saying “person X did Y” and people won’t cancel them, either they don’t understand Y, they stan X, or they don’t care. Exaggerating doesn’t change any of these.

tillie psa 

assume all past communication with me to have been compromised. i have lost all my past accounts except for my fedi accounts, assume all communication from old accounts isn't me unless you can properly verify otherwise.

do not talk to me about any illegal activities or crimes. i do not plan on doing anything illegal for the near future.

i can be reached here:
@ nyanycrimew on telegram

you can ask me for signal.

if you're unsure about the legitimacy of this statement there are multiple people who can vouch for me, and i can also verify my identity to you personally if required.

It boggles my mind that there’s a huge part of the “left” that thinks the only way to a better world is following the footsteps of a bunch of dictators from 100 years ago instead of like... actually developing theory and praxis in line with the modern world and sociology

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So when someone comes along as says “hey ML, this things is harmful” they tend to back it up with a stack of Lenin quotes or whatever on why it’s not or why it’s necessary, but anarchists look at all the harms and say “hmm maybe we can get rid of that too.”

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In all seriousness, anarchists tend to focus on how to make life better for the individual and how society would look after that.

MLs tend to focus on top down approaches like “if we reshape society, then surely individuals will have it better” and they ram this down our throats

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Anarchists: Our guiding principle is “increase individuals’ agency”

Tankies: Our guiding principle is “Daddy Stalin good, US bad”

Anyway one of these groups has a mess of fucked up ethics and the other doesn’t. I’ll leave figuring it out as an exercise for the reader.

What’s cool about being an anarchist is everything is done “with anarchist intent” and sounds way more dramatic and badass.

Packs bag with anarchist intent

Boards train with anarchist intent

Pets cat with anarchist intent

Waters plants with anarchist intent


LaRouchism has come up three separate times today in three separate contexts. What the duck is going on?

Reminder that no matter how I die, you are all absolutely allowed use my death for political gains.

Literally the best outcome of being dead is to become ammo to tell cops to eat shit. Hell yeah.

Tankies Right-wingers
Constantly making
90 minute videos w/
dubious sources
“debunking” things
they don’t like

Me: The CCP is bad.

Tankie: Ok but this nazi also hates China. Why do you agree with him?

Me: I don’t. He’s wrong. But the CCP is still bad.

Tankie: Why are you defending a fascist?

Peasants of the Middle Ages crocheting “ACABBE” on their duke’s tapestries

Idk which tankies need to hear it (all of them), but: No, criticism of the CCP by anarchists isn’t the cause of that shooting in the US. Shut the fuck up, you ghouls.

I parse the 14 in 1488 as “Adolf Ditler.” I don’t know how I picked up this habit but I literally cannot stop.

Anyway. Fuck nazis 🖕

Just tried to do the math on “how many years ago was 2015” and got hopelessly confused. It’s either 3, 8, or 400,000.

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