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I study and work in relation to contemporary art, politics, technology, and film. I was trained as a Deleuzian, but like to read widely and across traditions.

Presently I'm exploring destituent power and the politics of refusal in a series of experimental documentaries and am coediting an anthology of essays and artworks that explores the role that media texts, technologies, and practices have played in consolidating the so-called European Migrant “Crisis.”

The only question that should preoccupy us in this moment is not the singular “What is to be done?” but rather the always multiple and shifting “What works?”

The dehumanizing attacks being enacted against Immigrants, Queer & Trans communities, Muslims, Jews, and Women will germinate and fester for decades. All of us who aim to transform the society that so excitedly embraces hate must embrace the immensity and neccesity of this task.

The elections, regardless of outcome, will likely precipitate a crisis of governance. A Dem win could spur Trump to delegitimize elections in general, and a Dem defeat would only multiply his power.

A ? we all should be asking: How best to collectively prepare for such a crisis?

As a life becomes less possible, the present will overflow with many different versions of what must become possible instead.

The present makes accomplices of us all. The only remaining thing to be settled is who you will choose to be an accomplice to.

Let the present catastrophe be an opportunity to discover in each other the possibility of becoming a force together.

The right-wing mobilizes around an increasingly militant hostility towards otherness, a form of organized violence that is enacted in policies, policing, & street/gang actions.

Our answer must be an equally militant commitment to self-defense, compassion, bravery, & solidarity.

500 prints of "Negative Monument" have been installed in the at Stony Brook University. If you're in the NY area, drop in and get a free copy.

One of the pleasures of rereading a text is found in the experience of encountering the text anew, as if for the first time. Having changed as a reader, in a world that has changed as well, entirely new sections of a text break through to the surface, a difference in repetition.

"Can we already grasp ... these coming forms, capable of threatening the joys of marketing? Many young people strangely boast of being “motivated”; they re-request apprenticeships and permanent training. It’s up to them to discover what they’re being made to serve..."


A strange admiring note in Edward Said's FBI file from "a source of known reliability who is acquainted with the Subject":

"Said is charming; has an engaging smile and soft voice; and is a convincing speaker."

To be part of a milieu is to literally be in the middle of, in the midst of, others. It's to have a rhythm and a direction together, to be in a crowd carried by a chant or a party carried by a beat. A milieu has no clear borders or membership. It's simply duration in concert.

To be frank, the disaster has already arrived. Now that we're all here together, the only question that remains worth asking is what forms of domination and what practices of freedom will become newly possible at the end of our world.

"Some people want to run things, other things want to run. If they ask you, tell them we were flying.

Knowledge of freedom is (in) the invention of escape, stealing away in the confines, in the form, of a break."

-Harney & Moten

"Politics is an ongoing attack on the common – the general and generative antagonism – from
within the surround."

-Harney and Moten

"They make a preferential option for one another in an infinite series, an incalculable web, of small acts of claiming and reclamation, conviviality and commensality, that constitute the renewal of—­and the re­sis­tance to what­ever attempt to suppress—­their sociality."


Theories of democracy remain so indispensable not because of what they say about ruling (governance, law, consent, and so on), but because of how they allow us to conceptualize the people as being historically contingent, subjected to and the subjects of radical transformations.

The felt urgency of our present situation is tied to the broader economic and political rationalities that govern our lives.

Refusing the accelerating immediacies and contracting temporalities of the present can be a way of refusing what renders life urgent in the first place.

Whenever the right-wing describes themselves as victims (of immigrants, of hysterical women, of Marxist professors, of left-wing mobs, etc.), know that they're preemptively creating the justification for future acts of repression which they'll then say are simply self defense.

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