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I study and work in relation to contemporary art, politics, technology, and film. I was trained as a Deleuzian, but like to read widely and across traditions.

Presently I'm exploring destituent power and the politics of refusal in a series of experimental documentaries and am coediting an anthology of essays and artworks that explores the role that media texts, technologies, and practices have played in consolidating the so-called European Migrant “Crisis.”

In January of next year, this account will switch from being my personal handle to an initiative that will focus on developing "disaster media practice" that responds to the conjuncture of capitalism, control, & climate change.

If that's not of interest, feel free to unfollow.

1. Liberals oppose the wall & produce counter offer to fund other measures.

2. The radical right "caves" & "compromises."

3. Drones, sensors, & other "smart" security, which all more efficiently police & are more "tasteful/palatable" than the wall, are deployed at the border.

The three c's that define the present conjuncture:

control // capital // climate

“All the decision text in the world doesn’t cut a molecule of carbon."

"At stake here is the formation of a group or collectivity - an assemblage, a practice, or simply a life, that operates with different spatial and temporal coordination points to the state, we might even say operates in a different reality." -O'Sullivan

“We cannot live outside our bodies, our friends ... and at the same time, we are bursting out of this situation. The question ... is the acceptance of the other ... This acceptance is possible precisely on the condition of assuming the multiplicity within oneself.”

Pasts persist in their ineradicable potential to indeterminately matter newly in the present, an infinite excess that endlessly sets into motion the production of futurities that are as consequential as they are unforeseeable.

The reproduction of one's own situation as a means of survival, however precarious that may be, is a normative activity by definition. Your situation and the larger material situation won't be transformed absent of a transformation of reproductive labor, infrastructure, etc.

The question for us remains how to not only become forms of life, but how to remain that way, to divorce "use" from "property" and to open the world to new kinds of uses, just as the words of laws, instructions, or orders can be disused and rearranged/reused as poetry.

A "form of life" doesn't aspire to the right to own something, but rather simply assumes the ineradicable right to use it. This is why, for example, forms of life multiply in disasters, uprisings, insurrections, etc., when everything becomes needed and thus free to use.

A "form of life" is an impoverished life, a life without property or legal rights that as a result is free to use whatever it needs to in order to satisfy life's necessities. A "form of life" is a life beyond, prior to, and outside of the law.

As part of toddler proofing the apartment we've had to quarantine things that have been exposed to tear gas / pepper spray (jackets, backpacks, scarves, etc.). Do we throw it all away? An inheritance of state violence accumulated in closets and drawers, imperceptible but present.

Reading is a dangerous thing. The things you read become part of the way you think, as the words organized by other minds enter your own. What you read can lead you to do things that would have been unthinkable before you had read about them. Worse still, you can't unread things.

Revolts and uprisings must remain responsive and accountable to the lived experiences of a growing plurality of diverse peoples not out of a felt empathy or ethical imperative, although surely those are also good reasons, but simply as a tactical and strategic necessity.

Another name for "destituent power" is "abolition."

Looks like a great show: "Revolutionize: Reflections on revolutionary history unfolding in the present"

Uprisings produce opportunities to speculatively and experimentally play with what only becomes possible when we are together, a shared possibility that emerges from differential proximities and affinities with variably different and distant others.

There's a particularly dangerous naiveté involved in the belief that the capitalist society that's actively rendering the planet unlivable, and has known this to be the case for decades, will someday soon come to its senses and correct itself.

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