If you were to build a mobile digital library for the climate crisis, an info. commons that anyone that could freely access, contribute to, and copy from during ecological disasters when private/public infrastructures fail, what materials would you want to include in it?

@ianalanpaul Been think about this same question a lot lately.

@ianalanpaul I wish there was a way to subscribe to a Masto thread

@dconley @ianalanpaul You kind of can by replying

I'll start. I'd want recipes, herbal remedies, how-to's of all sorts

@ianalanpaul What's the scenario where there isn't an internet anymore, but you can still get all the computer chips and digital storage you'd need to maintain such a library and the reader devices?

@feli @ianalanpaul I'm not sure if it would be a long term solution, but there definitely could be/have been times when local infrastructure goes down but we still have the equipment for it. HAM radio operators have been helping out in emergencies for decades, for instance.

If we had to I think it would be fairly feasible to have a solar powered raspberry pi providing a webserver with some ebooks on it (there are already plans for this on Adafruit/etc). And our current phones/tablets would still exist.

@dconley @feli Yes, what Dan wrote. I'm imagining not a perm. infrastructure replacement but an ad hoc / mobile / solar powered hub that could act as a library and message board that could help in exceptional cases.

@ianalanpaul @feli That reminds me: there's PirateBox, which I think has a forum built in

@ianalanpaul @feli Actually, LibraryBox may be more suited to this particular use case

(thanks for the prompt on this because I think it's a cool/useful idea that I'd like to learn more about)

@dconley apparently we're in sync - this is what I've been the project developing on :-).

@ianalanpaul everything about Indigenous knowledge in food security and food preservation

@ianalanpaul Definitely start with the Global Village Construction Set. Then build on that with similar low-tech/DIY instructions

And you'd obviously need designs for DIYing mesh nodes and using your network if you want it to spread

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