Regarding Facebook tracking non-users Mark Zuckerberg said "This kind of data collection is fundamental to how the internet works."

I'm not a networking expert but I know enough to be able to confidently say that nothing at all about this data collection is fundamental to how the Internet works. I guess he was using Silicon Valley speak where "the internet" means "huge corporations who make most of their money by selling ads and illegally collecting as much data as possible".


Been sleeping badly. Eating badly, too, as a side effect of not sleeping properly. This becomes a vicious cycle that leads to depression and a downward spiral.

Most of this is directly related to the fact that my wife is going through a bad mental health spell right now, so I feel like I can't complain too much because I don't want to make things worse for her. This is a bad idea, though, so I'm venting here to try and get it off my chest a little. Thanks for reading.

Rights have never been granted by authority. They have always been asserted against authority, and won from it.
-- Kevin Carson

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The 1%, global wealth 

The richest 1% is expected to control 2/3 of the worlds wealth by 2030. Characterized as an "inequality tipping point", but where are the signs of mass popular revolt?

I'm interested in all sorts of anarchism, including the not-quite-anarchist ideology of democratic municipalism/confederalism.

As such, I was looking at Demand Utopia's website today and saw their page about starting a study group. I think forming a "demand utopia" study group might go over better and get more involvement than my earlier idea of an anarchist reading group. Mostly, it would be the same, with slightly different readings and a more approachable name.

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So, The Big Witch Migration is a thing. And I'm a pretty curious witch! So I designed this survey to shed some light on some questions:
- What were your reasons to choose the instance in the first place?
- How did you use your account?
- How are you planning to go on from here?

If you're a user of, please feel free to take the survey, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes max. And spread the word, if you like! Thank you! 💫

I actually want to issue a warning? If you're on a server were your admin doesn't actually seem active any more, you should definitely back up your data!

As a lot of instances were spun up a year ago in the rapid growth we had then, they might be left to expire. And having a backup account just in case may be really good.

Even if they are active, it's easy to forget to renew a domain and having it get eaten by someone else.


At this point I would actually want to see a prepared statement from a large company reacting to a data breach, which starts with:
"We do not take data security seriously. We don't give a rat's arse about your privacy. Honestly, we can't be bothered. We know you're coming back anyway".

It would be refreshingly honest, really.

Anarchist writers looking to get paid (a stipend) for anarchist essays?

Rightwing libertarians have their various Libertarian parties. I wonder if it would be beneficial for left libertarians to have political parties (mostly with the intention of advocating and educating, rather than actual electoral success), simply for the increased publicity it would bring to the cause.

Maybe people would see that small/no government is not an inherently rightwing ideal.

The other instance I use for what I would describe as my "main" account, is down again. It's having a lot of downtime lately. I wonder why. I can't even ask the admin why because the instance is down

Hey instance admins.

Do you have a backup plan in case you get burned out or otherwise want to leave adminship of your instance?

@cypnk counterpoint, we do this for free, with our own time and energy and if the community you created winds up causing you more harm than good you have every right to shut it down, users can always go to another instance

If you’re going to start your own instance and open registration, be aware that it’s a responsibility you shouldn’t take lightly. People trust you to hold memories, connections to other human beings. We’re social creatures: There’s nothing we cherish more than relationships. Don’t treat that brittle gem with contempt

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According to the horseshoe theory the extreme right and left are the same, therefore Hillary and trump are exactly the same. Prove me wrong

Most people aren't ready to disband the police, but I think we can get people on board with . It's a start.

It's still funny to me that I joined this instance mostly because it had good uptime and not really for political reasons (in fact, I'd kind of assumed the name was a joke). Now I'm fully anarchist and anticapitalist, in large part because of y'all.

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