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today we got the alachua county commission to vote on cutting their contracts with DOC and ending their use of prison slavery. AND WE WON! the commission voted 4-0 to end the contracts by 12/31/2018. #

Demand #2

Judge refuses to dismiss wage effort at immigration jail via

A shout out from inside for the work of SoChicago ABC's lit program.

Kick down so that all may rise up!
My comrade locked up in Vacaville has something to say about Anthony Rayson 🏴🐉

"...six of the suspected overdose cases happened between the previous Sunday and last Tuesday"

We need to talk about dope fr

"This is clearly a spike in overdose events, on top of a baseline of one or so per month," Willis said in an email Sunday.

This Jail Is Accused of Favoring Christians Who Agree to Live in 'God Pod'. Muslim prisoners, meanwhile, say they were starved during Ramadan and deprived of religious texts. MT @vice

CDCR has an $11bn budget.

CA min wage inside is 8 cents an hour.

Law says all prisoners get health care. Reality says medical neglect is another tool of control and debasement.

“On Friday, 115 offenders assigned to the facility’s anagram balloon factory refused to work for a full day until prison administrators met with them to hear their complaints” @IWW_IWOC @tciwoc

RT spoke with Alejo Stark of & about prison abolition, strikes, and solidarity. They delved into the Kinross Uprising and what's currently happening with prisons in .

115 prisoners on strike in MN!
"J. a prisoner also in Rush City, said their collective action was "a message of unity between inmates, and across all the races.”

Parole officers are 2x as likely to send a black parolee to prison and 3x more likely to send a Native parolee to prison than a white parolee. Infographic @ technical violations in Hennepin County👇

On November 25th incarcerated workers inside Rush City Correctional Facility went on strike.

* stop delaying essential canteen orders (toiletries, medication, food, etc.)
* end to prison guard abuse

Is a presence on mastadon to amplify prison labor struggles. IWOC or Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is an awesome inside/outside union of the IWW that is helping kick off #august21 Nationwide Prison Strikes. Worth a follow once it gets rolling.

respect for the #prisonstrike i wonder how mastodon and the fediverse can somehow aid this process, is IWOC around here, whats the deal [incarcerated workers organizing committee of the IWW]

@local_fanzine Make the calls on the way to work or on a smoke break. Get together with people like an old school phone bank and support each other while you support the frontlines.


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