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NYC Legal Stuff:

Seriously don't talk to cops once you get arrested. Don't say you didn't do XYZ whatever. No bullshit chit chat with them. Do not talk about the incident. Say you want to talk to an attorney. [1/3]

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This man is a coward.

I spent tonight crouching behind cars holding mostly minors behind me from cops who had been pepper sprayed or beaten. Last night, I was with a 20-year-old that one officer assaulted so she had a seizure.

Your police force is attacking civilians. twitter.com/gloriapazmino/stat

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WE ARE REFUNDING YOU @SenGianaris you are COMPLICIT in the NYPD violence people are revolting against. You have taken $10,500 from police unions this cycle, including $2,500 from the @NYCPBA responsible for last night's violence in Brooklyn. Defund until Abolition. FTP twitter.com/sengianaris/status

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Somebody find this nigga so i can send him a cash app

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Lousy undercover in the crowd around Fort Greene/Barclays. Wutang shirt, Hawaiian shirt on top, jeans, bald, alone, talking into his shoulder and scouting the crowds. Lots of em in the mix, stay with your people.

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NYC/brooklyn: we need more folks for jail and court support @ Brooklyn central booking @ 120 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. looking for folks to come 11-1.

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How to speak to a white liberal...if you must.

Just listen.

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A few notes from the field today in Flatbush. Cops in NYC started using small drones as ISR. They are setting up ambushes and chokepoints so yall organizers need to be on point with that. They use their helos for both surveillance and intimidation. And they are also on rooftops.

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Jay-Z was unintentionally right about something. We are past kneeling. 🤣

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You either on the side of the police or the side of the people. And it's really that simple.

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police have murdered so many Black people in our neighborhood. their families are out in the streets today. LIFT THEM UP twitter.com/JooHyun_Kang/statu

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UPDATE: In jails across the country, TVs have been turned off for days. Jailers tryna keep news of the uprisings from reaching ppl and sparking off rebellions inside.

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protestors burning the building that once served as a slave market in Fayetteville, NC twitter.com/DavisABC11/status/

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"don't confuse the reaction of the oppressed with the violence of the oppressor" twitter.com/raullsantiago/stat

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