Heads up: tomorrow we're coordinating a major zap to get our dear comrade Just out of indefinite solitary confinement. They've been in the box since early August for struggling against prison abuse—check out this @RevLeftRadio show to learn more. Stay tuned!!
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Thank you @RevLeftRadio for having Nicole on the show and for giving all of us the opportunity to speak about the horrific conditions incarcerated peop…

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From our friends at @prisonskill:

Let the System Die w/ Justin Kaliebe of

Justin Kaliebe is an incarcerated survivor of the so-called
War on Terror, as one of 433 currently incarcerated or detained people charged with terrorism-related charges post 9/11.

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☎️⚡️ PHONE ZAP ⚡️☎️

Our comrades inside Bedford have been subjected to escalating abuses from COs. Their privacy curtains have been stolen. COs have intercepted S&P NY's newsletter—cutting them off from outside connections.

Visit bit.ly/curtainsphonezap for scripts & call info!

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@IWOC_NYC @codepinknyc @CR_NYC Join @survivepunishNY in calling ALL DAY Mon. (10/26) to demand their privacy curtains be returned + ALL correspondence be delivered swiftly without censorship!

Visit bit.ly/curtainsphonez… for scripts + more!

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HUGE: Just now, the American Public Health Association passed a statement naming carceral systems as a public health issue & recommending moving towards abolition & building just and equitable systems instead of carceral ones. Read the statement here:


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25% of people incarcerated at Elmira Correctional Facility have COVID-19. Are you counting this as a “micro-cluster”? How many people have to die in cages of COVID before you grant ? twitter.com/nygovcuomo/status/

Former BLA political prisoner Zolo Agona Azania, from Gary, IN is in need of support to stop his landlord from evicting him!


Paypal: idocwatch@gmail.com, with 'zolo' in the note
Cashapp: $ZoloAzania5

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Racial Capitalism + Prison Abolition

This zine makes accessible the theories of Black Marxist and prison abolitionist scholars including Cedric Robinson, Robin D.G. Kelley, @rwgilmoregirls, @prisonculture, Angela Davis and others.


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People at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility have had their privacy curtains removed, and have been denied the @survivepunishNY newsletter. Join us in calling and visit bit.ly/curtainsphonezap

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🚨EMERGENCY RALLY🚨 Nearly 25% of people incarcerated at Elmira prison have tested positive for COVID-19. We demand action to save lives.

Join us on Tuesday at 11am in Elmira, NYC, LI and Albany to & .

On Zoom: bit.ly/elmira-prison

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Antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, dissocial personality disorder and sociopathy are constructs used to exclude patients from treatment and services. One of the sickest things about the New York State prison system is that many people who enter it /1

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New York state prison officials suspended visitation this week at Elmira + Greene Correctional facilities which have experienced a significant increase of infections. More than 330 inmates have tested positive at Elmira. In all of the prison system, 18 people have died.

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To the NYP Bro. Jalil is "the convicted killer," "the felon," and "the inmate," to us he is a hero, a freedom fighter, a revolutionary. The terms we use create our reality. We need to abolish the slaver language used by NYP, a language that creates stereotypes that kill people. twitter.com/AshAgony/status/13

"This isn't justice. It's sanctioned murder, torture, prison slavery. If we want racism to end, start with the 13th amendment. We can't breathe!" Comrade Z reminds us of the necessity of abolition, a proposition rooted in rebellion. Burn it down!!!
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Here is a very strong piece from Comrade Z, who is writing from a Texas prison. He reminds us that tearing down Confederate monuments should inc…

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Want to do something this evening that leaves you feeling hopeful instead of angry and discouraged? Skip the debate and join us in supporting the freedom of our neighbor Malcolm who is jailed pretrial on bail in NYC! bit.ly/MalcolmFreedomFund

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You know who doesn’t need your money? Presidential candidates. You know who does? M, who’s being held on a ridiculously high bail in a NYC jail ravaged by COVID. Help his mom raise enough money to get him free bit.ly/MalcolmFreedomFund

Take a look at the new website. Subscribe to see all the newest pieces!! Send the zine far and wide to comrades inside! Follow @prisonskill to hear directly from behind the walls.
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Check out our new website because FUCK MEDIUM for taking down all of our posts. Here you can also listen to all of our interviews!! Download our first zine and SEND it inside!!! Subscribe so you see all the newest pieces!!!!”


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