Were you upset by feds invading Portland? Angry that plainclothes pigs in NYC threw a white teenager in an unmarked van? Did you know that NYPD and feds regularly kidnap dozens of Black kids at once and throw them in cages for years? Thread w/ info on so-called “gang” raids:

The Stop the Raids coalition formed in 2016 after the massive Bronx 120 raid. Pigs have since carried out many more raids in Black+brown communities. Check out this doc feat. our friend Kraig:

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Long-term support is needed for folks affected by the raids. Many of those taken in the raids years ago are still locked up or are only just getting out. Please donate here to directly support four people coming home and one inside comrade:

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Don’t miss the We Home 2020 celebration tonight at 7PM, featuring musical performances, a cooking demonstration, panel, art auction, raffle, and more! Tune in to the livestream at

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