so what’s been going on with me? nothing much, been learning SDL2 (finally!) and playing cyberpunk. playing on geforce now makes it much more fun an experience than say, most people playing it have had.

finally bought an sd card for my switch. now i can enjoy playing botw even less. (i think it sucks)

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I've been saying something similar for a long fucking time...since I was involved with the skeptic movement™ - spawning ground of gamergate mk2 and the "intellectual darkweb."

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Self-Serving Optimists Like Hans Rosling and Steven Pinker - In These Times

another night listening to the ost of mr. robot and trying to secure my online presence. since when did this become interesting?

another year, another pgp key which i immediately forget the passphrase of

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I’m not very good at integrating myself into internet communities, frankly because of the privacy loss that comes with sharing even a single drop of info on yourself. my debilitating anxiety doesn’t really like surveillance even as a distant concept.

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more us pol/trump/Twitter/antifa 

Trump retweeting from a nazi about how ted wheeler killed a patriot through antifa makes me laugh and sob at the same time.

Ah yes, tear gas teddy has just been tear gassing his people to throw the country off. He’s actually the fuhrer of antifa. Antifa are the real fascists. The game has been lost.

/s if you’re really fucking wondering.

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hope decentralised stuff catches on. the web needs to be more than just a few gatekeepers. and how are we to radically organise without decentralised power structures?

i’m a young helsinki-based person with interests in infosec and activism.

hi so. have no idea about mastodon but let’s try this.

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miscellaneous thoughts on protest tactics and the apparently escallating climates we find ourselves in 

If you're gonna go out, dress like a worker, not a soldier. Boots with arch support and double-fronted pants make you feel like you're wearing armor because you basically are. "Tactical" boots are lightweight on purpose. Wearing work boots as often as you can might help you marginally improve stamina and leg strength.

Going about your normal day in weighted clothing might be a good idea anyway.


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