I just completed "Dive!" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2021 adventofcode.com/2021/day/2

Is anyone else doing it? My first time, hope I stick to it

Leaked assessment from one of the OPCWs investigative teams invovled completely contradicts the 2018 report of a gas attack and states directly that the canisters were placed manually, and not dropped.


The document can be found here: syriapropagandamedia.org/wp-co

Prison abolition is increasingly becoming obviously necessary to me. I wish I could find info on how things should work

this is one of the funniest things i've ever read and i completely forget who wrote it

anyway he has this brand of being this cyber vigilante badass that protects 'merica but he's a fucking script kiddie loser that only knows how to code bad PHP (I could never get his COSOPRO payment gateway to load, lmao) and run LOIC or whatever, as well as configure some firewalls

which he did on counter.social to block the rogue nations of russia, china, iran, north korea, syria, and pakistan

like the unironic real reason c.s doesn't federate is to keep the ruskie bots out from other instances that dont block ROGUE NATIONS :GODLUL:

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some people think they have clout,

they are mistaken,,,

-, Resource Usage 

So, I was thinking. Lets suppose we find a way to generate free energy, right? As much as we want. And we find a way to turn this energy into matter any way we want. And we find a way to dispose of the waste heat thus generated, and also invent anti-gravity to prevent us being crushed under the weight of our own accumulated stuff. Then, the only limiting resource left to us is space, which assuming no FTL, we can capture at a rate of 2C^3. Which is still not enough of a growth rate to keep up with our current exponential growth in resource usage... :/

lmao HN: We might have to compete for the attentions of such lady. I hope it won’t come to fisticuffs.


help us model the whole economy, so we can advance towards a democratically planned socialist economy


*extremely provocative* 

"Worse is better" is just capitalism in software

The nice thing about pixelfed not having an official mobile app is that each app is treated equally.

We have no incentive to limit developers, in fact working with them to bring unique and exciting experiences to users is in our best interest. #pixelfed

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

if you're a communist, follow me

because i am also a communist

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