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If you were waiting for the callout this is it.

If you have the capacity to come. Come. Whatever amount of time. Whatever your capacity. Pitch a tent. Stay the night. The weekend. The week or the month.

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Rest in power Walter Wallace.

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been mobilized. Stay safe. Solidarity with all, but especially in Philly.


Bird Site - Identify Dixie 

Identify Dixie is currently suspended. Much of the valuable content they have contributed has been retained.

It's being consolidated and republished, soon, to a theatre near you.

(and yes, you heard correctly...Twitter as always, is flagrantly letting fash run amuck while they take a very diligent researcher off-line)

More to come.

Mastodon should just add quote posts and then steal all the angry twitter users

It’s ok to enjoy bad things happening to bad people.

Check this out. Someone go tell (checks notes) pretty much everyone to stick this in their pipe and smoke it.

"AP finds most arrested in protests aren't leftist radicals"


I have exactly one brain cell left and it is “fuck the State.”

Hate, Antisemitism RE: O9A Member Exposed 

LionAW is Harry Vaughan from London.


Bird site is either down, or fluttering heavily ATM.

“This has been today’s public service announcement”

US Presidential Debates were (not) inspiring tonight. ... ... Joe Biggs provided more entertainment. (If you read one, gotta get to #3)

Saundra Rene Alma is an Alt-Right organizer living in Albany, Oregon. Saundra has traveled to Eugene w/assorted neo-fascists, including Alan Swinney, w/intent to attack anti-racists. Yesterday, she coordinated carpooling among Albany area neo-fascists & traveled to Portland to attend the "Proud Boy" rally. Reporter Zane Sparling described Saundra Alma yesterday as being "presumably drunk" as she held an open alcoholic container & berated local journalists at the rally.


10) A great guide on online security and dox care by Crimethic

And some great twitter threads on online security by Confrontaciones and Occupied Seattle

Will add more users and info in this thread when I find them

Rock on rebel warriors!

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Migrated my a/c from another server to be with the cool anarcho kids.
Thanks to @franklinlopez for the video guide.

Will respost this thread I had on the old server re: Kiwi Farms(KF) users

Also I have collated a database of doxxers, KF users, content scrapers/aggregators, trolls, dodgy multistreamers and chud/fash media. All related to the US uprising. For a copy DM me

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