New Jackson County Jail Will Push Out Over 100 Mobile Home Residents: ‘I’m Basically Homeless' | KCUR 89.3 - NPR in Kansas City. Local news, entertainment and podcasts.

It is important to keep in mind that while the Midwest Homeless Collective may be fighting for the same or similar goals, they are not the same as, nor do they speak for KC Homeless Union.

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The camp was not swept as of yesterday evening. Seems like everyone is OK.

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Camp sweep defense needed at city hall. 414 E 12th St.

The city hall occupation was given two hours notice to vacate. Help is needed ASAP

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KCPD Attack & Injure Qhadafi Labor Organizer & KC Homeless Union Delegate 03192021 - YouTube

"we are raising money for a close comrade's legal fees. if you have any change to spare, some assistance with the compá's i-Bond is appreciated....

venmo: @ NCPLWC
cashapp: $ NCPLWC

****** please mark donation "BAF bond" or "BAF bail," so funds don't get mixed up"

Many prisoners have asked us to put their cases up online. We hope this results in being able to find some kind of help for them.

Clifton Miller - Missouri

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Heavily armed men who refuse to identify themselves are patrolling the streets of Washington, DC. They were sent by the Bureau of Prisons.

As of this moment, 4,243 people have signed. Arkie is scheduled to be murdered by the State on May 19th.

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Clemency for Walter "Arkie" Barton

Barton was convicted and sentenced to death for killing an 81-year-old mobile home park operator, Gladys Kuehler, in the town of Ozark in 1991. Over the 25 year history of the case, Barton has been granted several changes of venue. There have been two mistrials, a trial and conviction, followed by a reversal and remand by the Missouri Supreme Court.

The Factories, The Fields, and the Firearms to Defend Them
By, Hybachi LeMar
“The working class is able, once it so desires, to take control of industry and thus establish a much more efficient and satisfactory society .”
(from the pamphlet: “One Big Union,“ by The Industrial Workers of the World)
You, me and our entire class of society's underprivi
The Missouri Department of Corrections says an inmate has tested positive for , the state's first case in a prison. He was monitored March 4 for a suspected respiratory condition at Western in St. Joseph and was admitted to a Kansas City-area hospital March 19.

Stop COVID-19, Recidivism, Injustices, and Waste in the Missouri Prison System Now!
The conditions in Missouri prisons make them a perfect breeding ground for diseases and illnesses such as COVID-19. Any time illnesses are allowed to breed and fester, there is a risk to all public health. In the case of the Missouri prisons, that risk to people outside is increased as the illness grows i

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