A must read for those interested in what's happening in #Mikmaki

John Risley one of the richest men in #NovaScotia at the center of the conflict between racist settler fishermen and #Mikmaq who have never ceded or surrendered that territory.



In the case of one of the two cops who murdered Abdirahman Abdi in Ottawa in 2016, a Canadian judge has once again upheld the ruling that it is legal for police to kill Black people

Kanienkehaka Land Back Language Camp

"We are here taking space, teaching our children land based language teachings" - Kaiatihtakhe

#LandBack #Indigenous #Language #Resistance


On this day in 1859, John Brown & a small team of abolitionists attacked the Federal Armory at Harper's Ferry, in order to acquire arms for an anti-slavery insurrection. Though the attack failed and the conspirators were executed, the memory of those willing to do what was necessary lives on.

Check out Terry Bisson's beautiful speculative fiction novel "Fire on the Mountain," which re-imagines the raid as a success, split between 1859 and the alternate future it creates

Jalil Muntaqim is home!

After 49 years in prison the former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army member is out and getting to spend some much needed time with family.

Free them all!

Today is David Gilbert's 76th birthday.

David is a political prisoner, imprisoned since 1981 for his role in assisting the Black Liberation Army in an expropriation of a Brink's truck in Nyack, NY. More info & a mailing address for David can be found at certaindays.org/about/inside-c

Freedom for David Gilbert and all other prisoners!

ACP 🎉🍰

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