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And since the schools don't PCR on friday and antigen lateral flow tests on children and insensitive as fuck, who knows how long these children might have been infectious. Might have been on friday already.

But hey, at least the class doesn't have to close, because THATS what matters.

Not childrens health. Not the health of any relatives, teachers or other people. Certainly not the pandemic in general.

There is a vaccine for under 12 year olds around the corner. School could have been postponed/remote only for the couple of month until kinds can be vaccinated and then things would have been SO MUCH SAFER!!!



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So, it finally happened: Multiple children in #kleinmonster's class tested positive for covid. (Yesterday, since they PCR on monday.)

Various kids were classified as K1 and sent home, #kleinmonster is supposedly K2, because "they didn't sit close together or have much contact."

Ignoring, for a moment, that #covid is obviously airborne and as such infectious particles spread around the classrooms (Remember: NO MASKS FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL CLASSROOMS!) and hang around for a long time. (!!!)

Even with that, this K2 classification is obvious bullshit, because just yesterday, KM told us how it talked to one of the positive cases about the cool mask-holding thingy the other kid was using; and the other positive kid has had enough contact with KM that I know their name for being a bit of a bully that's often annoying KM.

So no school for KM because the these rules are complete and utter bullshit, totally removed from school reality and scientific fact.

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Es wachsen auch überall Pilze. Wirklich überall.

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I often want to record free audiobooks. Has anybody who is not trained as a professional voice actor did anything for libvox or the like? Is it too hard for someone who is not a voice actor to record decent agitprop? Are there resources etc. you recommend to improve, both voice-wise, and sound editing-wise? (I know the basics of audacity, would welcome specific and detailed guides for this purpose.)

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"worker shortages" 

What's happening with widespread complaints of "worker shortages" is that this is what a general strike looks like.

People throughout society have determined, independently, that they don't want to be a part of the meat grinder wage labor system as it exists.

And because there is no central organizing body to present demands, considering how worker organization has been systematically dismantled since the 50s and 60s, the massively out-of-touch managerial class has no idea how to solve the problem, when the problem should be obvious.

We could have had worker orgs and unions that would have pushed the system to improve before it reached this point.

But instead we have collapsing logistics networks.

This doesn't only apply to low-wage jobs like customer service and retail and hospitality.

I read a post from someone explaining why, paradoxically, every single company is hiring "URGENTLY" but somehow no one is good enough.

Because corporations have taken on this attitude over the past few decades of workers being expendable, and being incredibly inflexible to improving compensation for existing employees, workers in these corporations have caught on, and it's become commonplace for someone in an industry to hop between corporations for improvements to compensation and working conditions.

Well, now corporations have caught on that employees have no "loyalty" and any smart employees will leave the company as soon as something better comes along because it's self-sabotaging to not do that.

So the hiring standards for employers have increased because these corporations know that anyone they hire on probably isn't going to stick around very long. These corporations need an immediate "return on investment" of the new hire. They need to squeeze as much benefit out of any new hire as possible in the short-term, before that new hire leaves for a better employer.

This vicious feedback loop is what has led us to being in a position where, somehow, simultaneously, there aren't enough workers, and also people who are putting a lot of effort into finding jobs can't get them.

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Jetzt mit Hashtag:

Wenn ihr schon ein notebook verwendet habt: Welches? Wie zufrieden seid ihr? Würdet ihr's wieder kaufen? Danke!

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Can't deny it's autumn

Ich brauch jz dann wirklich ein neues notebook und recherchier grad Tuxedos. Wenn ihr eins habt oder mal verwendet habt: wie zufrieden seid ihr?

Vorfreude aufs neue Buch der Wiener Autorin Eva Schörkhuber. Mir fehlt eh grad Stoff, aus dem Revolutionen sind. Und ein Funken Marseille

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Eindrücke vomn den Lobau-Protesten 

Bislang gibt es noch wenig subjektive Berichte vom Camp und der Besetzung im Zusammenhang mit der Lobau-Autobahn. Seit gut zwei Wochen gibt es in Hirschstetten ein legales Camp. Kurz darauf wurden drei Baustellen besetzt. An anderen Orten wird jedoch die Stadtstraße, die die Südosttangente mit dem neuen Stadtteil Aspern […]

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OH: "Ich finde -y zum entgendern von Worten ja total super. Dann sagst du statt Arbeitgeber_innen oder Arbeitgeber und Arbeitgeberinnen einfach Ausbeutys."

Zapatistas arriving in Vienna today! Here's all about upcoming events

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Nachdem ich gestern Nacht mal wieder im #TeamSchlaflos war, habe ich die Novelle 'Quasi' von SchwarzRund gelesen.

2015: In der Dominikanische Republik kommt es zu Massenabschiebungen durch die Änderung des Gesetzes zur Staatsangehörigkeit. SchwarzRund erzählt die Geschichte einer Familie aus denm Blickwinkel von vier Familienmitgliedern. Was passiert, wenn plötzlich Familienmitgliedern die Staatsangehörigkeit genommen wird?

#AmReading #SchwarzRund #Quasi #afroqueer

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btw, ich brauch 1 Job, in Wien. Hab so ein IT-Kolleg grad fertig. Mag Linux, abwechslungsreiche Dinge, Rätsel lösen. Hab ein paar Cisco-Zertifikate, kann ein bissi programmieren. Ich hab sicher keine Erfahrung mit exakt diesem einen Tool, aber ich kann ja Zeug lernen und tu das auch gern. Und am liebsten tu ich nicht mehr als 30 Stunden arbeiten, aber ich bin da, ähem, flexibel.

Lasst mich bitte wissen, wenn euch was unterkommt, was ich vielleicht nicht über die üblichen Seiten finde, ja?

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die polizei hat heute in #weimar menschen festgesetzt und platzverweise erteilt, weil...die menschen regenbogenfarben trugen. und das hätte ja den polnischen außenminister beleidigen können, weil der mag ja gerne "lgbt-freie zonen" haben. aber er ist ja staatsgast, also müssen alle nett zu ihm sein. und aufhören zu existieren.

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