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We are weeding to start preparing the soil for gardening.

For now, the plan is to cut/pull all the tall weeds, leave them on the ground to dry as a temporary mulch for some days (we don't have lots of compost or hay to start mulching right now, so we work with what we have, the very tall grass and weeds that fill the entire plot), after that we start deciding where to plant everything.

We are going to do no dig/no till gardening. That means this year most of the garden will still be in the building soil stages. We will plant a few things mostly as an experiment, but we are mainly concerned with securing soil quality for next year.

Once all the pulled grass is dry, we'll put it aside, cover the ground with cardboard or newspaper to avoid more weeds growing, and cover that with all the compost we made (not enough for all the plot) and the dry grass. Then we can transplant seedlings through all of it.

On the borders we'd like to try some experimental stuff like chaos gardening, which we are seeing very interesting things about.

We'll keep telling you all how this goes, hopefully we get to harvest anything at all this autumn...

#vilaeloise #gardening #permaculture

Cast on the Column Sweater by Hiromi Nagasawa yesterday. Fiber from my last trip to Berlin 2 yrs ago. At the moment I enjoy most when there's cool construction in patterns. Here: plenty of short row stuff

sewing, well-fitting face mask (-) 

this one is the first one that really fits, but I still really hate face mask sewing

I chose a colourful print because I thought children might like it - they sometimes looked afraid in the first mask days

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sewing, well-fitting face mask 

I was trying for a really well-fitting mask, and these points are key:

- I went with the CraftPassion Pattern (the version with nose wire) .
- I am topstitching all seams for more structure.
- I sew outer and inner mask together with a few tiny stitches around mouth area, so the lining does get less in my way while breathing in (here's still room for improvement)
- I made a bias binding tie, and it really fits well and sits comfortably on the head

The Rebel Beat Podcast has the most wonderful Mayday episode: Mayday Love Letter and Collective Playlist

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Covid-19 & Asylpolitik, Ö 

"Kein neues Massenlager in der Messehalle - umgehende dezentrale Unterbringung umsetzen!
Denn: Hunderte Menschen gleichzeitig einem gefährlichem Infektionsrisiko auszuliefern ist menschenverachtend und zeigt die rassistische Hierarchisierung innerhalb staatlicher "Fürsorge"! "

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Note though, this doesn’t include finger limes, which are a different species indigenous to Australia

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There are only three original kinds of citrus fruit, citron, pomelo, and mandarin. All other citrus fruit in the world are hybrids.

All the most familiar citrus fruit in the world, like oranges, lemons, and limes, are bred from these original species. Some were artificially hybridised by humans, while others hybridised naturally in the wild.

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#SFFBookClub request for nominations 

I'm about to start The City We Became, and already thinking about the June poll. I'd like to open that poll some time next week, so please send me nominations!

We currently have the two most popular non-winners from May, plus three that I personally want to read soon. I'd love to add some more that aren't my nominations, and would happily leave 1 or 2 of mine for later if I get enough others.


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food, baking 

and here's a new one from the series ": lemon semolina syrup cakes, from the ottolenghi 'sweet' baking book

Mayday, Vienna, police violence 

Massive police violence at yesterday's mayday demo in Vienna. huge number of cops tried to bring bike demonstration at Ring to end, later kicked people off bikes from driving patrol cars at Praterhauptallee, hit and imprisoned others. Meanwhile all prisoners are free again

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a wonderful Mayday to all of you!

Sex work is work, care work is work, begging is work, smuggling people is work, street drug dealing is work

the black peters are back
die mauersegler sind zurück <3 <3 <3
haven't seen them yet, but heard their beautiful cries that say it's summer now

food, fermentation 

the water kefir colours <3
they are spritzy and so good!

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food, cooking, herbs, foraging 

spinach from nettle, wild garlic, ashweed leaves in the making

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#berlin is creating temporary bikelanes. I'm amazed at how many formerly unbearable and dangerous roads with no real alternatives are now finally available for cycling. roads that we *had to* use before.

and I wonder, how could we tolerate being endangered all those years? how did society just accept us being in such danger all those years?

did we not have a reason to cycle before corona? or did they think "cyclists should just use public transport if they don't want to risk their lives""?

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