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Do you regularly use the local timeline on #mastodon?
(In brackets is the number of users on your instance, 10k = 10.000)

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Btw, eine sehr nette Ergänzung zur Pride in Wien ist die queerDo!-Demo am 13. Juni. Start um 18:00 im Sigmund-Freud-Park.

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So here's what I had in mind for covering over the hole in my shirt. There's a patch on the back, and now I'm going to embroider over the lot to hide the hole. The plan is also to embroider at least a couple of other leaves in another spot.

Sometimes I like visible mending, and sometimes I don't. This is a nice enough shirt that I'd like it to be a little less obvious, anyway.

#MendTogether #YarnTales

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Prison Abolition and dealing with "The Dangerous Few"

I found this super compelling and it resolves my only holdout argument against prison abolition.

#anarchism #ACAB #abolition

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ableist language talk 

I want to learn better how to communicate consent in my everyday life, with my comrades, at work. Can you recommend reading or exercises?

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Is there an instance for PoC in particular or nah?

the first ripe raspberry, chili with seeds from dried chili my sister brought from thailand, camomille (will make tincture), and the hollyhock
from balcony

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> “Knitting is coding” and...yarn is a programmable material.

A very cool story on Elisabetta Matsumoto's fledgling project investigating the mathematics and mechanics of knitting. Is there an un-knittable knot? How does elasticity emerge from non-stretchy yarn? And more intriguing questions: 🐘

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ups just discovered it's not a malva but a hollyhock!

there will be a river with a canoe this weekend

mah ich fühl mich als hätt i jetzt genug gehackelt für heut
(die to do liste sagt anderes leider)

built a tripod to protect the 2m high mauretanian malva from strong wind

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