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Reminder: If you're committed to nonviolent activism, then you should not talk to or work with the police at your protests.

(this is true for everyone, but this essay is especially aimed at people who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience)

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Hi. I should introduce myself again.

I'm a gonzo journalist from Austin, Texas. I work as the Editor of Ministry of Hemp, and also write about/cover activism, protest & direct action relating to social justice. I'm . I'm disabled, polyamorous and (gender)queer and use he/him pronouns. I have fibromyalgia.

I enjoy casual video games (Stardew Valley), cartoons & other TV, working out and cooking when I have the spoons (too rarely), & angelic troublemaking ...

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Also now realizing I forgot to share my last article for HEMP Magazine here, on and its future:

The Walls Blocking Hempcrete’s Acceptance

It's available free online, but you can also find the print magazine, including my article, at Whole Foods & a lot of newsstands/bookstores. Which, if you ask me, is pretty dang cool. :thinkhappy:

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An update on my upcoming work for HEMP Magazine:

I wrote a long article about issues of racial injustice & inequity in the industry, specifically concerning the hyper-problematic, racist "felony ban" in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Like my last article for HEMP, it will be available both online and in the print edition.

What are your favorite books, zines and online resources about ?

So who wants to play some multiplayer, freshly updated over the next few days?

What are your favorite introducing people to activism, security culture, fascism & antifascism, opposition to Trumpism & nationalism, immigration, alternatives to police, etc?

Wondering what "TERF" means, or what and why fake feminist and why/how anti-Trans site instance #Spinster was born out of #Gab? And how this "feminist" effort has deep alt-right and ultra-conservative ties? A good explainer here:

, the spooky-cute alchemy spinoff of the adorable , is now on Kickstarter. The app is almost done and should be available in time for Halloween!

Why you should never buy on :

Even if you don't totally boycott Amazon...

(I wrote this for Ministry of Hemp)

, the spooky-cute alchemy spinoff of the adorable , is now on Kickstarter. The app is almost done and should be available in time for Halloween!

Good job #fediverse. Look at the "insularity" of #Gab and #Spinster. We are keeping them seeping into the larger Fediverse...

They remain highly insular echo-chambers. Such self-silos will over time act like expensive and unsustainable sink-holes.

Keep it up. As @dublinux first said: "show #gab and #spinster no quarter."

Data comes from the great @fediversespace toolset:

Anit-Trans Gab Spinout Asking Followers to Create Mastodon Accounts 

Co-founder of fake-feminist #Gab spinoff #Spinster calls on members to create alternative Mastodon accounts, and tells them what instances to target. Heads up.

Chilling with a fox friend, catching that last fish I need to build a habitat for them to live in.

In the USA especially, “revolution” is often remarkably jejune, a catharsis hobby. Due to Orwellian community suppression, natch, but still. I’m sublimely disinterested in superficial flair like showing off anarcho-communist nose piercings. Revolution begins in the kitchen.

Where are the grandmothers sweeping? The aunties feeding others’ hungry kids? Gospel-singing strikers? Guatemalan farm workers in hiding? Worn out old diner waitresses?

Find the iron abuelas. Look for those bona fides.

Don't Buy on Amazon!!!

Apart from the very valid ethical concerns about Amazon overall, the CBD products on Amazon are fake or garbage quality. Here's why:

I wrote this for the Ministry of Hemp.

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