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Reminder: If you're committed to nonviolent activism, then you should not talk to or work with the police at your protests.

(this is true for everyone, but this essay is especially aimed at people who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience)

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Hi. I should introduce myself again.

I'm a gonzo journalist from Austin, Texas. I work as the Editor of Ministry of Hemp, and also write about/cover activism, protest & direct action relating to social justice. I'm . I'm disabled, polyamorous and (gender)queer and use he/him pronouns. I have fibromyalgia.

I enjoy casual video games (Stardew Valley), cartoons & other TV, working out and cooking when I have the spoons (too rarely), & angelic troublemaking ...

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Also now realizing I forgot to share my last article for HEMP Magazine here, on and its future:

The Walls Blocking Hempcrete’s Acceptance

It's available free online, but you can also find the print magazine, including my article, at Whole Foods & a lot of newsstands/bookstores. Which, if you ask me, is pretty dang cool. :thinkhappy:

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An update on my upcoming work for HEMP Magazine:

I wrote a long article about issues of racial injustice & inequity in the industry, specifically concerning the hyper-problematic, racist "felony ban" in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Like my last article for HEMP, it will be available both online and in the print edition.

Good news: After a year long protest campaign, anti- Church will no longer rent public school property via Austin Chronicle

Congrats Candace & the other activists of the "Antifa NonChristian Church" protest group

I've decided I'm sick of that thing where biography writers go on a 60 page tangent about Q Tips because the main subject stuck one in their ear during adolescence and otherwise they won't be able to fill 250 pages plus footnotes.

Wake me up when restaurants start offering "possible" veggie burgers again. 😝

My headcanon: Loras' imprisonment causes House Tyrell to support the queer & trans sex workers of Flea Bottom and Littlefinger's brothels as they overthrow the Faith Militant in Westeros' own, bloodier version of the Stonewall Riots.

Happy Month.

Played a couple rounds of and finally got to the big scripted natural disaster in Florens. So I did what any good neighbor would do: hopped on my black goat Phillip and rode around town to see who needed help.

Dayton mass murder & Leftist politics 

police violence against dogs & humans 

Every year on , people in stop for 1 minute to commemorate the 200,000+ lives lost in the uprising against nazi occupation.

My favorite thing about it is that the video title fits Betteridge's Law of Headlines.

I went on a news show to talk about and ended up debating some shouty and ridiculous friend of Andy Ngo

Now that Marvel movies have erased all straight white men, we no longer have to hear their opinions on pop culture. What a relief!

Now that Marvel movies have erased all straight white men, we no longer have to hear their opinions on pop culture. What a relief!

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