Texas attacks on trans young people & families 

The Supreme Court just issued a new ruling, supporting the @ACLUTx and @LambdaLegal in their case against Gov. Abbott's policy which forces CPS to investigate healthy trans kids and their families as "abusers." There's some nuance though.

AG Paxton was seeking to dismiss the lawsuit entirely, giving the state free reign to target young people and their families. But the court shot that down.

Texas attacks on trans young people & families 

he Supreme Court also ruled in favor of ACLU & Lambda Legal, saying the state could not investigate their plaintiffs during the case. They didn't block the state from investigating others while the case is pending, but did emphasize that the matter of state policy is not settled. Lower court rulings still apply, also.

Texas attacks on trans young people & families 

I'm expecting a call from Lambda Legal today (or ASAP) and look forward to getting more nuance from them about the situation. I'll have an update in the Austin Chronicle next week.

In my last article for the Chronicle, I described the fear and uncertainty faced by young people and their families as the GOP stokes bigotry against them and targets some healthy families for abuse investigations. austinchronicle.com/news/2022-


Texas attacks on trans young people & families 

All of this is legal maneuvering as the state tries to find ways to continue to oppress young people and their families, even while the lawsuit is pending. It's due back in court in July, but there will likely be multiple levels of appeals and will keep seeking new ways to oppress people.

Please reach out to me if you have tips, stories, etc.

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