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This is an excerpt from an interview of Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN on the subject of globalism and indigenous struggle against borders.

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If your whole entire shit isn't just cobbled together held up with string and hope barely working on a good day with half ass workarounds for obsolete workarounds and connectors with converters and duct tape one update away from actually audibly telling you to go fuck yourself then I cannot relate. My ethernet cord is isyn duct taped in because the video for how to replace the rj45 jack is 1 hour long and requires removing over 30 screws and undoing half a dozen ribbons.

It requires that we take accountability for our beliefs and behaviors- in that we're accountable for standing by the choices we've made from integrity at the same time that we're accountable for the beliefs and behaviors that do not line up with our integrity. It requires that we're HONEST with ourselves about that and accept that every human thinks and does shitty things, we're no exception.

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The ideal boundaries are flexible too- it's okay to negotiate around them.

What's strange to me is that on the one hand we have these short, punchy instagram memes talking about toxic people and boundaries in these super reductive ways, we also have them talking about conflict in ways that appear to encourage deference over engagement like talking about how to listen, how to apologize, yet not talking much about what it looks like to engage around issues.

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I have no idea if i just compiled a printer driver from source or what but ive got my tiny 🐧 sticker now so thats cool.

portland general defense committee created a handy thread detailing everything from preparation for how you should deal with law enforcement to spreading the word and taking accountability if you fuck up!

link to thread with graphics here:

or just check out the alt text they provided here:

remember: your actions and words can fuck over more than just yourself! we protect us! :anarchoheart2:

I made a thing in Pinta. I think i'm gonna print it out and turn it into a sticker.

As radicals in the US it is not only that these techniques WILL be used against us, they already have. All throughout the early to mid-2000s the feds used the same tactics to map and target anarchist networks, but the result was very different.

Unlike the far right anarchists do not have the same rigid leadership, identifiable formal networks and structured logistics chains. We operate more locally and fluidly, without the trappings of formal organization.

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uspol, medic preparation 

Even if you're in a *state* capitol, download a copy of Riot Medicine -- particularly read the trauma section -- and get a kit together.

This afternoon, January 15 2021, an anti-fascist comrade was visited by two FBI agents at their home in Philadelphia.
The agents said they had questions about the recent events at the Capitol. The comrade refused to answer questions & immediately got in touch with legal & anti-repression support. We don't rely on the state to address fascist threats. The FBI has roots in repressing anarchist and Black liberation movements. We do not trust that they are only investigating the events at the Capitol. We challenge their attempts at repression with our collective refusal to speak to law enforcement.
If you are contacted by the FBI or other law enforcement, contact Up Against The Law or Philly Anti-Repression.
Up Against The Law: 484-758-0388
Philly Anti-Repression: 267-460-1886
Image description: the above text on a yellow, green, and blue background.
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And to everyone else: this is not decentralisation winning. This is Twitter's attempt to kill fedi (if Twitter federates, what reason is there to use another instance?) and allow far-right douchebags on the platform through the backdoor all at once.

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Basically Twitter is trying to push 45 and Q through the backdoor

Amazing. I hate it.

I hope people don't fall for this nonsense and federate with Twitter. Trust not their gifts nor admit their horse, etc.

antisemitism PSA 

If someone's talking about judaism or their jewishness don't immediately bring up how Israel is a genocidal settler-colonial state. Never assume that jewishness is at all linked to or complacent with Israel.

Making these guillotine earrings for myself and my girlfriend. Remember if you’re working with resin or other chemicals when crafting to wear proper PPE and work in well ventilated areas 🖤


end-to-end encryption without a self healing mesh network is prone to a single point of failure in functionality during crises, causing a cascade of secure communications to grind to a halt and force folks to use less secure alternatives


The Linux music player Clementine really whips the Llama's ass.


In case you missed it: a beautiful and haunting look at the impact Line 3 is having on the Anishinaabe people and their land, while makes a last-ditch effort to continue their ecocide indefinitely.

We cannot let them do that - we must !


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