Antifascists in Sacramento, California again mobilized against the far-Right street gang the Proud Boys who again rallied alongside Trump supporters at the state capitol. Police were captured on video speaking to members of the Proud Boys in a supportive nature, telling them to “Watch their back” and “best of luck.” There were sadly however, several arrests of counter-protesters. Please support the local bail fund here.

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From Sacramento, not only were the police arresting people leaving and impounding our truck, but the Proud Boys were hurting people too. They took to the streets to mace medics and smash the window of the blue van. Of course the cops didn't seems to care about that one bit.

We are not afraid. This only makes us come together stronger to be there for our community.

Remember. We keep us safe. Always leave in pairs. And stay hydrated. 🖤

Our venmo is @quicc_oakland

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