Mushrooms can be used to remove plastics and heavy metals from soil, common oyster mushrooms can help counteract the effects of an oil spill. Mushrooms are an integral part of healing the biosphere from the ravages of capitalism. This book is worth getting your hands on.

A few of of the key mushrooms mentioned in Mycelium Running and their uses in mycoremediation: Shaggy parasol: composting. Ink Cap: ink making, antibiotic properties that apply to people and plants. Lion's Mane: soil creation, stump decomposition. Chaga: blight resistance. Sulphur Tuft: may remove metals. Shiitake: breaks down industrial pollutants. Morels: post-fire regeneration. King Oyster: breaks down wide variety of pollutants. Turkey Tail: decomposer, blight resistance, filtering.

@FreddieBeg You've heard of big brain energy, get ready for 2,385 acres of (arguably) neural mycellium pathways, literally the biggest organism known to exist energy.

@kittenlikeasmallcat I hope the next internet, after this one runs it’s course, is mycological

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