I feel like i'm getting a little spammy with this, but that's not my intention. I just thought I'd pin it to this profile since I've been spending a lot of time on Kolektiva.

It's also kind of important because the Internet just got knocked out for a lot of people across 3 states a couple days ago when that bomb went off in Nashville. That's not how the Internet was supposed to be, but it's kinda how it is right now.

Might want to start thinking about alternatives.

@kittenlikeasmallcat I've been really excited about meshnets before. The tricky part was always getting them to go long distances. Those high-gain antennas were/are kind of expensive. Not to mention that Decibels as a mathematical concept just kinda piss me off. 😆

But with Disaster.radio it seems like that problem is kinda solved? It's comparativlely low bandwidth, but it fuckin' works, right?

@teslas_moustache Yeah fuck decibels. Radio in general is bonkers. It's being tested and there's some prototype iteratrion happening, from what i understand. There's a rocket chat i know of where a lot of good stuff seems to be going on in terms of development, but it isn't quite there.

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