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Juste avant de partir en weekend, c'est le meilleur moment pour vous abonner avec UNE OFFRE SPECIALE POUR LES GENS SUR MASTODON ! *bruit de corne de brume*

49€ l'année.

Avec le code promo «MASTO2020LESJOURS»


(On compte sur votre discrétion et ne pas aller balancer ce code chez les gazouilleurs)

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from birbsite,

#Solidarity with the 250 million workers in India who are going on a nation-wide general strike today — called by 10 trade unions, supported by 175 farmers organizations, 60 student groups and many more. Last January, it was 150 million (largest in world history)! ♥️✊🏽

#GeneralStrike #India

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Une grève reconductible et durable sur nos fermes n’aurait pas de sens : il n’y aurait plus rien à manger !
Nous, paysannes et paysans de la Confédération paysanne de l'Aude, nous avons décidé de continuer à travailler et de partager notre production pour soutenir le mouvement social.

Nous appelons à la convergence des luttes, tous secteurs professionnels confondus, car ce qui est en cause est la mère de toutes les batailles.

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I recently started making my own cloth patches. Always looking for new inspiration. -- Feel free to hit me up if you have questions about how to do it and/or are interest in getting one of the things I've made.

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#PreciousPlastic version 4 has launched! #OpenSource tools for you to start your own #plastic #recycling project, and cooperate with similar projects across your area and the globe

These designs have already powered several awesome initiatives such as , which gathers and recycles ocean plastic

#solarpunk #CircularEconomy

Iran / US news 

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« Quand la mine appartenait encore à l’État, il y avait des contrôles de la qualité de l’atmosphère. Si c’était trop dégradé, l’usine baissait sa production. Aujourd’hui plus rien. »

#Serbie #Chine #pollution

As the group made their way towards the freighter, joy quickly turned to horror because it became evident this was anything but a rescue in progress. It was a group of buck-naked indigenous men, armed with wooden spears, bows and arrows, and they looked like they meant business.

In addition, there were lots of them – 50 by the accounts of the small, unarmed crew. Panic set in, and the captain radioed for help again – this time clearly in distress.

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Je commence à me pencher sur une utilisation en mode avancé de #uBlockOrigin, avec les règles de filtrage dynamique, qu'on peut définir manuellement, de manière globale, pour tous les sites, et/ou locale, pour un site en particulier.
C'est juste EXCELLENT.

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Chers abonnés #Fediverse !
Je viens de faire un peu de monitoring et de projections sur les deux instances #Peertube que j'héberge et maintiens et paye seul (environ 720 vidéos pour 250 Go, environ 100 instances abonnées au total).
Et je me dis que ça commence à me coûter pas mal.
Du coup, si vous en avez envie je suis ouvert aux contributions libres en valeur et en monnaie Ğ1, soit en se rencontrant pour des certifications #Ğ1.
Ou simplement en me donnant la possibilité de vous rencontrer.

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Hey folx. I'm writing a free book called Riot Medicine to help teach people first aid for protests, riots, and insurrections. Ⓐ 🏴 ⚕️

Some volunteers have already completed illustrations, but there's still many more that are needed before this can be distributed. If you're able to help out (even with just a single illustration!) get in touch.

You can find out more at

Examples of content (including illustrations) are provided below.

Henlo Hello everyone. If you know someone who's up to drawing illustration for the project ( by @hakan_geijer ), or if you feel like doing so yourself, please let us know!

The project is "A free manual for practicing insurrectionary medicine." For example, helping medics in riots, community self-help, natural disaster response and more...

It's free, and currently in progress!

Please, boost it! :boost_ok: :kirby_happy:

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we're almost half way to our challenge goal of 1500€. Help us reach 750€ by the end of the day, and see your favorite domain taking the lead!

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Watch out for reusable bamboo mugs.

"Bamboo mugs are made from a melamine resin reinforced with bamboo fibres. While they are reusable, they are often marketed as eco-friendly, even though they aren’t biodegradable. Melamine resin is a polymer and in itself not dangerous, but its monomers – 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine and formaldehyde – are toxic and can cause cancer."

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just a heads up- this is not my main account anymore!

my real main account is here:



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Rassemblement et accueil du président de La Poste ce matin devant le centre financier

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