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looking for help for email server configuration 

Alrighty I'm lost with this thing and could use some help from people who understand email servers ...

We have postfix/dovecot/rspamd that is configured to sign emails with DKIM when the submitter properly authenticates when submitting emails ...

BUT the result is that, when sending emails e.g. from cron job with "root" and the "mail" command, the submission appears to be not-authenticated because no credentials are provided, hence the mail is not signed with DKIM

Which sounds like bullshit because there should be a mechanism like auth-socket in Mysql or peer in Postgresql to be able to auth just from the fact that you're already logged as a unix user ...

Is there any way to configure such a thing in Postfix/Dovecot/Rspamd ? :|

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Deck for Android 1.0 is out:
➕Add new cards via tile, shortcuts & share
↔️Move lists
☑️Task counter
🆕New card layout
📣Push notifications
🗑️Revoke board access
🎚Filter cards
🏷️Auto complete
🗑️Show card counter when deleting list

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This Week in Matrix out now! Slide decks from the excellent presentations from our meetup yesterday, news about homeservers (including Rust!), room v3+4 support in Dendrite, lots of bridging updates, Qt library and more! #twim #jitsi #decentralization

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I've learned a lot while writing this book, but this is probably my favorite new fact.

Intense shivering can generate 50% as much heat as your maximum metabolic rate.

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RT de RAP Nantes :

Ce 25 mars, c'est la journée mondiale contre la publicité #antipub 🚫
Dans le contexte actuel, toutes nos actions extérieures sont en suspens.
Nous vous proposons de (re)découvrir le site #bloquonslapub sur internet de @RAPasso
et @laquadrature

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RT de Amis de la Terre FR :

🚫 #JournéeMondialeContreLaPub
Même confiné, notre groupe affilié Résistance à l'Agression Publicitaire nous invite à bloquer encore plus massivement la publicité de chez nous notamment sur internet.
📢 A vous de jouer, #BloquonsLaPub ! ✊

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Flatbush (NYC, USA) : toujours les mêmes 5 points :
#1. #SoinsGratuits pour tou.te.s
#2. Arrêt du travail
#3. Suspension des loyers et crédits -- #GreveDesLoyers
#4. Libération de tous les détenu.e.s
#5. #LogementPourTous

is a game where you learn to work to reimburse debt.

Learning how to use a Baofeng, it's pretty neat. I learned how to communicate on VHF, listen to FM, etc... Now I need to learn how to actually contact people. Anyone interested in talking ?

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🎉 Belle victoire pour les chauffeurs Uber ! En espérant que cela ouvre la voie à une requalification des contrats de tous les travailleurs des plateformes.

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Social Contagion
(Microbioligical Class War in China)

As the secular crisis of capitalism takes on a seemingly non-economic character, new epidemics, famines, floods and other “natural” disasters will be used as a justification for the extension of state control, and the response to these crises will increasingly function as an opportunity to exercise new and untested tools for counterinsurgency.

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