Debian donation for Peertube development - Bits from Debian

@debian gave 10k$USD to @Framasoft towards the funding of the !

"The strength of Debian's gesture proves, once again, that solidarity, mutual aid and collaboration are values which allow our communities to create tools to help us strive towards Utopia." :anarchists:

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Pixelcat is a beautiful and fast Android client for the fediverse. It focuses on images and is primarily intended to be used with @pixelfed but it works with @Mastodon and #Pleroma as well (everything that speaks Mastodon api).
#Pixelcat is free and open source (GPLv3).

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Merci à @ucl pour la présentation de notre dernier projet : le logiciel #Mobilizon, un outil libre et fédéré pour sortir nos évènements de Facebook.


This could limit your desire to take risks or exercise free speech.

Over the long term these 'chilling effects' could 'cool down' society.

This is how it works:

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If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior.
Big Data is supercharging this effect.

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Just looked at some projects on Github and saw that the site no longer advertises a standard git command to copy for repo cloning. Now they encourage the use of 'Github CLI' with the syntax of 'gh repo clone'.

No doubt it's a wrapper around git that will slowly gain features that git won't add because there is no need for them.

They are no longer a 'git hub', they are a 'repo space'.

All leading to the classic, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

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Hier lors d'une Free Party à Lailly-en-val près d'Orléans, la police est intervenue en gazant et matraquant tous ceux qui étaient venus danser et écouter de la musique. #ViolencesPolicieres

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Why is this not being mentioned more? This has to be the most suitable Messenger for all the protestors right now. Private, untraceable, no central servers, blog, public(contact only) announcements, functions as a mesh network during internet outages.

If you know of anyone on the front lines right now, let them know, so they can spread the word.

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#BLM #protestors #privacy #activism #briar

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Je découvre (en retard sans doute) que l'équipe (française) qui a fait le jeu Dead Cells se définit comme une coopérative anarcho-syndicaliste. Ça explique le logo 🤔

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I just uploaded the shorter version of book titled "Riot Medicine: Field Guide" to my site. It's meant to be a pocket guide to help you if you forget things while treating people in the field.

Like Riot Medicine itself:

- it's free
- do whatever you want with it
- feedback welcome*

*: no really I wrote this one much faster than the last, so there's probably more spelling errors

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