Does anyone know about a good mesh messenger?

I'm looking for something ;
- iOS / Android / Other
- Free software
- Active development
- Gratis
- Off-line first
- Bluetooth tchat

I know they is Briar, but it doesn't work on iOS?

An app you could use to talk with others during a demo would be nice

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KraakApp is a new squating app that helps identify buildings available for squatting in the Netherlands.

The app automatically gathers and combines bankruptcy data, court decisions and business registrations on addresses to identify probable squat-able buildings. This is meant to supplement, not replace, on-site information gathering.

The app is open-source, in it's testing stage, and seeking donations to keep going.

I've read this article about , regarding security.


Seems like they aren't as good as android phones, but I would like some more input on the question. :blobcatcoffee:


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GitHub - LingDong-/shan-shui-inf: Procedurally generated Chinese landscape painting. 

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This #WWDC20, it's important to remember that while Apple tech may seem attractive, it robs its user of key freedoms. Learn more about the dangers of proprietary software, and how you can live a fully free digital life.

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#Terrorisme Proposition de loi de la majorité : placer sous bracelet électronique des sortants de #prison pendant 20 ans. Alors qu'ils auront déjà purgé leur peine. Et sans qu'ils n'aient commis de nouvelle infraction. Juste "en préventif" #toutvabien


Have you ever left your terminal logged in, only to find when you came back to it that a (supposed) friend had typed "rm -rf ~/*" and was hovering over the keyboard with threats along the lines of "lend me a fiver 'til Thursday, or I hit return"?

This classic article from Mario Wolczko first appeared on Usenet in 1986.

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The Thread screen now indicates how many replies does each reply have, and you can navigate to subthreads

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Made another release. Some bug fixes:
the upload process now doesn't let you upload the same post 16 times by clicking the button a bunch of times 😉

buttons are visible in dark mode as well as light mode

camera works in the rtl layout!

Bio in the profile now has HTML interpreted instead of shown raw.

Some other notes: more strings are now translatable, and you can double-tap to like a post! (of course the API to like a post is still a bit broken, but that's not something we can fix)

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looking for help for email server configuration 

Alrighty I'm lost with this thing and could use some help from people who understand email servers ...

We have postfix/dovecot/rspamd that is configured to sign emails with DKIM when the submitter properly authenticates when submitting emails ...

BUT the result is that, when sending emails e.g. from cron job with "root" and the "mail" command, the submission appears to be not-authenticated because no credentials are provided, hence the mail is not signed with DKIM

Which sounds like bullshit because there should be a mechanism like auth-socket in Mysql or peer in Postgresql to be able to auth just from the fact that you're already logged as a unix user ...

Is there any way to configure such a thing in Postfix/Dovecot/Rspamd ? :|

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Deck for Android 1.0 is out:
➕Add new cards via tile, shortcuts & share
↔️Move lists
☑️Task counter
🆕New card layout
📣Push notifications
🗑️Revoke board access
🎚Filter cards
🏷️Auto complete
🗑️Show card counter when deleting list

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This Week in Matrix out now! Slide decks from the excellent presentations from our meetup yesterday, news about homeservers (including Rust!), room v3+4 support in Dendrite, lots of bridging updates, Qt library and more! #twim #jitsi #decentralization

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