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RT de RAP Nantes :

Ce 25 mars, c'est la journée mondiale contre la publicité #antipub 🚫
Dans le contexte actuel, toutes nos actions extérieures sont en suspens.
Nous vous proposons de (re)découvrir le site #bloquonslapub sur internet de @RAPasso
et @laquadrature

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RT de Amis de la Terre FR :

🚫 #JournéeMondialeContreLaPub
Même confiné, notre groupe affilié Résistance à l'Agression Publicitaire nous invite à bloquer encore plus massivement la publicité de chez nous notamment sur internet.
📢 A vous de jouer, #BloquonsLaPub ! ✊

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Flatbush (NYC, USA) : toujours les mêmes 5 points :
#1. #SoinsGratuits pour tou.te.s
#2. Arrêt du travail
#3. Suspension des loyers et crédits -- #GreveDesLoyers
#4. Libération de tous les détenu.e.s
#5. #LogementPourTous

is a game where you learn to work to reimburse debt.

Learning how to use a Baofeng, it's pretty neat. I learned how to communicate on VHF, listen to FM, etc... Now I need to learn how to actually contact people. Anyone interested in talking ?

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🎉 Belle victoire pour les chauffeurs Uber ! En espérant que cela ouvre la voie à une requalification des contrats de tous les travailleurs des plateformes.

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Social Contagion
(Microbioligical Class War in China)

As the secular crisis of capitalism takes on a seemingly non-economic character, new epidemics, famines, floods and other “natural” disasters will be used as a justification for the extension of state control, and the response to these crises will increasingly function as an opportunity to exercise new and untested tools for counterinsurgency.

Si tout les députés qui sont pas à LReM votent les mentions de censure, il manque encore 22 voix ( de députés LReM donc) pour que la motion passe...


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.. hei folks ! \o/ I'm not new in here.. just created an account in other instance, to express in english.. and to meet another corner of the fediverse! ;) and because i believe that flag is too ... i came up with .. also sometimes i am very extreme on the motto... but oh well.. lets have some fun!

love & anarchy for u all. :ancomheart: :antifa:

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They are also places where the history of the different colonies is totally eclipsed. Starting in 1889, it was built at a time where the French Empire was looking for justifications. And doing so, it overlooked the role local people had in maintaining, growing and influencing the nature around them, that the French saw as savages.

Some of these people where even exposed as beasts in a zoo.

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