Brutalist Web Design - A friend gave me design advice once. He said to start with left-aligned black text on a white background, and to apply styling only to solve a specific problem.

Very interesting! I'd love to add this as a theme to #brutaldon. But the class name changes mean that the refactor for the theme support would have to be quite a bit larger than I was planning.


Which is absolutely not a problem with brutstrap! It's a "problem" with brutaldon πŸ˜…

Though I could probably add non-conflicting class names to the brutaldon templates... :thaenkin:

@balrogboogie @emsenn

@kropot damn, this feels awesome that I'm not just one such guy. Pretty using the same principles for my internet page and going to apply similar guidelines to my blog :D

Nowadays internet became very slow and crappy place, where you can't do a thing without enabling possibility to download 3rd party js and styles. By the way, I found your analytics there 😁

@kropot oh, sorry, I misunderstood a bit. Thought you are author of this thing.. Shame on me 😳

@kropot i'm confused about how firefox' reader mode can't pick up the text from that site?

and why is *all* the source, except for the analytics js on the bottom, in a single line?

@hirojin great design doesn't mean great building :)

I would add that HTML is a semantic language. Using <article>,<i>,<p>, etc... tags to describe content is important. Learn HTML5, it's really well-thought in that regard.

@kropot to me, design is hollistic :P

from the bits on the wire to the pixels on the screen

@kropot I fuckin' love this. This hits me right in my intellectual g-spot: the intersections of Web Design, (implicit) UX design, and fine art.

@kropot but this site has a grey background O.o

It's good to see in the wild, though.

@kropot I like this, but also think that maybe it goes a little too far. Those "permalink" links were annoying me and so was the way every link looked SO MUCH different from the rest of the site.

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