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Support the prison strike on august 21 !

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@kropot I think it's probably more useful to reform the US prison stuff instead. Currently they are set up such that it is very profitable to jail as many people as possible, which is totally the weird outlook on life.

@trinsec without pressure, no change will be made

@kropot Because it's a crime to make prisoners a little more self sustaining?

Inmate average cost: $31,000 (goes up to $60,000 per inmate in some states)

Now on top of that let's hire thousands of people costing another $31,000 each to do the "chores" that these inmates are doing.

If the prisons were selling merchandise made by the inmates to the public, that would be a different story but as far as I know, there's no "production" aside from inmate "programs" like the firefighter one in cali

@brandon what the fuck are you talking about?

@kropot I'm talking about this prison strike being a crock of shit

@kropot I'd still rather not invest more money than necessary on individuals who do not obey the laws of the land.

That being said, I think it's rather the laws of the land that need to be reformed than the money that these individuals are paid.

@brandon @kropot wow, it's almost like running a carceral state is actually a tremendous drain on society and maybe the idea of making this parasitic system more sustainable by turning prisoners into slave labor isn't actually a very moral or ethical one

@kara @kropot Yeah I agree. I think the prison system needs to be massively reformed. I've already criticized the idea of doing that.