The fediverse is really interactive. It's strange, because each time I toot, I get likes and boosts and replies. Never happened to me on birdsite.

Does it happen to you too? :thinking_fidget:

@kropot Something about the birdsite notification and timeline algorithm makes it feel like you don’t ever get any real interactions. I usually get at least a couple pity boosts for my shitty posts

@debugninja @kropot Yes, this is the biggest difference. It’s just you and the Federated Timeline. There are no secret algorithms determining whether you’re going to be visible or not

I spend most of my time on the Federated TL (Warning: There’s a lot of unfiltered content there) so I get to talk to people with 2 followers and 2000 equally

@kropot Yes. It still feels bizarre that people actually pay attention to what other people are saying here.

@kropot Quite often, yes.

I'm constantly getting new brilliant ideas out of the fediverse, just because people are actively spreading the good shit around here. The atmosphere here is really forward-looking, instead of a constant reaction-shitstorm that is common elsewhere.

@kropot Yup, I've been here for a short time, and I have a single follower which is a bot

And still, my toots get more activity than I used to get on twitter 😄

@kropot maybe the small scale of the network is the reason, dunno

@valeg I don't know, it seems to me that I'm actually getting more interactions as the network grows?

@kropot the network is getting more and more interconnected and unpredictable, indeed. And no algorithmic manipulation here.

@kropot Yes, much more than in my previous experience on other sites :)

@kropot it was my birthday somedays ago.
Unknown people on masto send me some niceness.
On birdsite, where I had much interaction with people I know IRL : nothing

@kropot With 28 followers here I can get >60 notes on a cat picture. Before shutting down the birdsite account I had somewhere between 2000 and 3000 followers and couldn't get any of them to click a link.

@neal so why is it so different? What's the secret?

@kropot I think there's a critical mass of brands on birdsite. It caters to having good numbers that you can show managers to justify time wasted on ineffective marketing. Here we have people, instead.

@kropot Yes, very refreshing! Also, would you invite me to the anti-capitalist instance? It's one area I still have to visit the birdsite for. :-(

@Ophitoxaemia there's a few anticapitalist instances, but I could indeed if you want to join this boat :anarchismred: :antifa: :acab:

@kropot this place appreciates my catteposting far more than the other one :D

@kropot Yes. I think. Mmmh, actually I'm pretty sure, heh :blobpats:

I wouldn't say each time I toot, by any means, but it definitely feels much more close-knit and...facilitative of two-way communication? If that makes any sense.

I dunno. I like Mastodon/Fediverse a lot more than the birdsite, maybe that's why.

@kropot Yes. I think I know how to get more reply and RTs at the birdsite too. But I don't want to do it.

@kropot I do prefer the replies. Boosts will get to your head and then you'll be like those obnoxious non replying people of bird site and we won't like that here, would we?

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