Anybody know about nice DIY e-readers ?

Or second hand hackable e-readers that you could root and that have a nice UI/UX?

And with stoooooorage

@kropot As far as I know, there's nothing in the DIY space that's mature yet, though there are efforts that are getting there, e.g.

Other active projects I know of for hacking onto existing e-readers (though I've not used any of them hands-on):


@alx @kropot That's very cool to see the alternative firmware builds for Kobo. I am using , but just installed alongside the stock firmware. I use it because the font rendering and hyphenation is better than the stock reader, although the UI is somewhat clunkier.

@gcupc @kropot I was just starting to look at getting set up with one of those when I smasharoonied my Kobo. Working through my massive backlog of paper books until I can sort out a replacement...

@alx @kropot I just got a Kobo Touch for very cheap from the Rakuten Kobo store on eBay. They have some newer models factory reconditioned there, too; I thought it was a pretty good deal.

@kropot You can open PocketBooks, change their SD card and hack on them if you want, but they're not DIY
@kropot You're welcome! The author's on the fediverse, @
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