I currently have 4 servers at Hetzner in 2 different datacenters, 2 at OVH, and 1 at Init7. But it seems the latency really kills ceph performance. So I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to move the rest of the servers to Hetzner as well and sacrifice multihoming. Any thoughts?

(this is all privately financed so I'd rather not rent an additional bunch of servers to run tests)

@lexi - maybe GlusterFS could be an alternative to Ceph?

In Georeplication GlusterFS should be async so that local instance doesn't wait for the remote nodes to finish writes.


@ij my biggest complaint is with the read performance though. I'm not sure if I've exhausted all tuning opportunities yet, but reading from e.g. rados or rbd seems to incur high latencies and produce tiny reads, which is a terrible combination

@lexi - you should be able to increase read performance as well. At least that's what GlusterFS claims to be good for.

I'm using it for sharing/syncen LetsEncrypt SSL Certs between all of my VMs. Small task with no real performance needs, but I also thought about syncing TBs of data across servers (partly behind DSL).

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