By request & in ferocious solidarity with our French comrades, The Invisible Committee’s The Coming Insurrection ***link in bio*** [photo from]

Up today on Listen Left is Pierre Joseph Proudhon’s What is Property ***link in bio***

Academia is a highly problematic and hierarchical system. It is racist, classist, ableist, sexist, rooted in colonialism, and much more. Anarchist education cannot emulate the education system we currently have. We need to organize it horizontally and make it accessible to everyone.

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Up on Listen Left for your wild Saturdee evening is Carlos Marighella’s Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla

Up now on Listen Left is Emma Goldman’s expansive autobiography, Living My Life

Up now on Listen Left is Rudolf Rocker’s Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory & Practice

Peter Kropotkin’s - Mutual Aid is now on Listen Left, by request.

As long as the state has existed, people have defended each other against its assaults. The state has been coercive and destructive since its inception; the police are just one of its more recent enforcement mechanisms. As soon as there were police, there was resistance to the police. 

Here, we have collected the voices of maybe two dozen people, most of them anonymous. Yet in the events they describe, we can see the agency of thousands who stood up to the police, who refused to permit them to divide and conquer us, to play the boot on the State’s foot, that would crush us all into oblivion if we let it.

Coming out of the weekend, we have Marx’s Wage Labor and Capital up now on Listen Left

The authors behind our #ThisWeekInFascism column are launching a Patreon to help support their work! Help them get to their goal to not only continue their coverage - but also launch a podcast! Support grassroots antifascist reporting in this crucial time.


Requested from a comrade, we now have Anonymous’ Desert up on Listen Left **link in bio**

Italian anarchist Luigi Galleani’s The End of Anarchism? is in full, accessible audiobook form on Listen Left. ***Link in bio***

Our time came on Instagram, like so many others...we’re not even that big or *that* flagrantly anarchist/insurrectionist/etc on there...

Louis Althusser’s book “For Marx” is now up on Listen Left

Errico Malatesta’s book - Anarchy is now up on Listen Left. Link in bio

Rosa Luxemburg’s ‘Reform or Revolution’ in full, audiobook on Listen Left **link in bio**

Emma Goldman’s ‘Anarchism and Other Essays’ in full, accessible audiobook form on Listen Left. **Link in bio**

Alfredo Bonanno’s Armed Joy in full, accessible audio text on Listen Left **link in bio**

Vladimir Lenin’s Imperialism: The Highest Form of Capitalism in full, accessible audio text **link in bio**

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