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ok its not confirmed but ill be suprised if he doesnt win

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really exciting that bernie won against that lizard person elizabeth warren

lol @ the media already trying to downplay bernie's win

i would never fuck a self-proclaimed "socialist"

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reminder that firefox:
- is funded in great part by google.

- ships with an hidden telemetry extension to send data about users having telemetry disabled (,

- checks wether the sites you attempt to connect to are unsafe, according to a google database, updated from google’s servers every 30min (which sends them some nice cookies along with it),

- uses google analytics on the addons repository, thus tracking users attempting to install add-ons. They claim it is "extremely useful to us and we have already weighed the cost/benefit of using tracking.", so they entirely admit to not caring about user privacy,

- remotely installed an add-on without user permission (to advertise a tv show)

- can also change your settings remotely

- integrated pocket, a proprietary service, into the browser,

- by-passes user dns settings to instead redirect requests to cloudflare, a company whose goal is basically to transform the internet into the cloudflarenet.

- also collects a whole bunch of data by default among which some uniquely identifying information about your device but also your interactions with firefox. This can be disabled by opting out of their spying^Wtelemetry program.

Mozilla is not your friend, they’re first and foremost a corporation.

seeing a lot of valid critiques of bernie lol

ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

i feel like a boomer when it comes to new idpol terminology

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