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Hi! Here to make some

I'm Lune, and I just moved from sunbeam city to here. I'm not very good at describing myself, but I tend to post a lot about neurodivergency, queerness (specially transness), sometimes about solarpunk, anticapitalism and antifascim.

Some hashtags for interests:

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trying to not go insane during quarantine, this time i fixed the sleeves of my sweater, wich i've been meaning to do since i thrifted it two years ago

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If a job is worth doing, it's worth half-assing. Which is why I've cleaned half my desk rather than none of my desk this evening

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"s贸 os velhos e doentes v茫o morrer" = argumento de nazista

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Bom dia s贸 pra quem vai tirar o inomin谩vel do Planalto com m谩scara, luva e soco ingl锚s.

covid-19, pol 

still trying to make something of myself during quarantine, i cut a t-shirt that was too small and made a patch for my jacket
it isn't straight but neither am i, so i don't care

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quarantine time means doing stuff time. i used some scrap fabric to make a box to put my scrap fabric in. it's already full. i guess it's time for more projects with scrap fabric?

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Fa莽a compras pelos mais velhos 

in this time of coronavirus crisis, i'm just so glad my country has universal healthcare

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be gay, do crimes, forced to live in interesting times

today i went to the farmer's market (i guess it's what you would call it) literally on the street next to mine

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depression talk, but kinda optimistic 

this isn't exactly FOR but i'm using the opportunity to talk about my voluntary work at the red cross.
my department works with migration and refuge, and we help immigrants with various issues such as job-searching, documentation, contacting family members, etc. it's my weekly dose of direct action tbh
if you can and have the time, check if there's a red cross near you and find out how to volunteer!

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A revolu莽茫o ser谩 feminista, ou n茫o ser谩.
Neste dia de luta, meu SALVE vai para as guerreiras que mant锚m acessa a chama da mudan莽a.
Valeu, gurias.

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solarpunk action week punch a fascist and steal their computer

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