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Please read my β€œTowards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago” where I discuss the possibility for anarchism in the Philippines!

β€œA better world is possible and is already being built. Against hierarchy and domination there is solidarity and cooperation. Join us in our struggle for a liberated politics, for a world beyond work, beyond the state, beyond capital, beyond hierarchy and domination itself!”

You know, I used to be pro-organization. Then I watched as an anarchist organization defend a transphobe time and time again. Fuck anarcho-syndicalism. Y'all are just anarcho-party builders.

Is anyone legit surprised that COMELEC sided with BBM? Elections have never been our tools for liberation.

Tested negative for COVID-19 but because it's an antigen the test is inconclusive and they can't test me on RT-PCR because the government ran out of test kits ://
So I could still have a low viral load of COVID-19 since I have symptoms but we can't test for it.

BULLSHIT JOBS: A THEORY by David Graeber is now #1 most downloaded text on The Anarchist Library in the past 30 days. Likely this has something to do with the Great Resignation. Let's go!

Okay naman kami. Symptoms seem to be allergy-related pero COVID pala. But that's good seeing as mild lang. We can all still taste din.

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Look what arrived from Hong Kong the same day we learned we have COVID-19, @chuangcn's SOCIAL CONTAGION. 😷 Ironic, yet fitting. 😷

Color me a *little* distressed that INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY AND ITS FUTURE Is on the top-ten of the Anarchist Library.

Anyone on this site know how to get reliably tested for COVID-19 in Quezon City? Free if possible?

Some people think if we get rid of money things would be better. The Incan Empire was a class society without money. They did not have writing but they had means of accounting for labor. Moneylessness is not classlessness nor itself communism.

The largely secretive Rebolusyonaryong Partido ng Manggagawa-Pilipinas (Revolutionary Workers Party) apparently have a new website. Shall we see more from this party in the near future?

It's been two years and can you believe wala pang mass testing? What's up with that? The government isn't incompetent, sadya ang mga decisions nito to not do things.

New year na new year I am returning to writing on the self-abolition of the proletariat. Not exactly an easy topic.

I read the Hugo nominated short story β€œI Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter” by Isabel Fall. I thought it was a brilliant meditation on gender that subverts a transphobic meme at the same time.

I just got word that it's going down in Iran! The workers' councils called shuras that emerged in the Iranian Revolution are reemerging in the current protests!

Any Spanish-literate peeps out there that want to help out translate a major Uruguayan Especifista text into English? It's COPEI by the FAU (Uruguayan Anarchist Federation). We have a machine translation already but it's awfully awkward.

New translation alert! I hunted down an obscure reference to a French pamphlet on communization and prole self-abolition and @alraven3 kindly translated it. This is the first time this pamphlet appears in English!

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