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Please read my “Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago” where I discuss the possibility for anarchism in the Philippines!

“A better world is possible and is already being built. Against hierarchy and domination there is solidarity and cooperation. Join us in our struggle for a liberated politics, for a world beyond work, beyond the state, beyond capital, beyond hierarchy and domination itself!”

"We call, under no uncertain terms, for an end to this Martial Law that pretends to be a Quarantine. We call for the immediate release of the 20 activists who were arrested during the Pride March. We call for the withdrawal of any and all charges made against them and their supporters."

Reading Stalin in the morning and Bookchin in the evening is a Perfectly Balanced moment. (Perfectly balanced; as all things should be.)

I started reading “Ecology of Freedom.”

“Class rule must be placed in the much larger context of hierarchy and domination as a whole.”

I am looking for a quote about how our freedom is bound up together from anarcha-feminism or queer anarchism.

Bakunin famously said,
“I am truly free only when all human beings, men and women, are equally free. The freedom of other men, far from negating or limiting my freedom, is, on the contrary, its necessary premise and confirmation.”

Is there a similar quote to Bakunin's with the same thrust but with an anarcha-feminist or queer anarchist lens?

This is a reminder that the text “Class Struggle and Mental Health: Live to Fight Another Day” exists and could be of use to people in the struggle.

Alan Moore, through his character Promethea, argues for the end of the world: “The ‘world’ in ‘the end of the world’ is not the planet or the life and people on it. The world is our systems, our politics, our economies: our ideas of the world! It is our flags and our banknotes and our border wars.”

“And I don't think we would be where we are today, encouraging ever larger numbers of people to think within an abolitionist frame, had not the Trans Community taught us, that it is possible to effectively challenge that which is considered the very foundation of our sense of normalcy. So if it is possible to challenge the gender binary, then we can certainly, effectively, resist prisons, and jails, and police.”

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“So if we want to develop an intersectional perspective, the Trans Community is showing us the way. And we can't only point to, and we need to point, to cases such as the murder of Tony McDade, for example. But we need to go beyond that and recognize that we support the trans community precisely because this community has taught us how to challenge that which is totally accepted as normal.”

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“What I'm referring to does not respect the binary structure of gender. Recognizing that the contribution of non-binary communities is so important, not only in pointing out the concrete issues that we need to address, and of course many of us already know that, Black trans women constitute the target of racist violence more consistently than any other community. We're talking about, State violence, we're talking about individual violence, stranger violence, intimate violence.”

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@luckydevilgaia made a transcript of the snippet of Angela Davis talking about how the trans community makes abolition a possibility by challenging what is normal.

How about we leave Fil-Ams in peace with their “Filipinx” and you get to keep your “Filipino”? You don't have to use “Filipinx” and “Filipino” is not diminished by it. “Filipinx” is a word for the North American context and let them have nice things, yes?

I am somewhat impressed Angela Davis is still alive. I feel used to talking about authors in the past tense.

I’m in chaz. despite the posts, it’s still here, still growing, still serving as a base for marches across the city. Idk

Weird that economists keep re-inventing scientific socialism. If only somebody had figured this out sooner, perhaps 150 years ago...

“Is Inequality Inevitable? Wealth naturally trickles up in free-market economies, model suggests”

The SciFi book I'm reading, “Red Mars,” finally got socialist on me. “So it's democracy versus capitalism at this point.” Socialism on Mars sounds rad.

Senator Lacson says, “To the anarchist, the best law is no law.” We agree! We anarchist aim for the end of the domination of the law! Check out “Life Without Law: An introduction to anarchist politics.”

Yo remember in Frozen 2 where they DESTROYED A DAM? Where did that energy come from and where did it go? Ecology as a theme wasn't really central to the film yet one of the climaxes was the breaking of the dam. What I am trying to say is .

Ashitaka frames the violence of San and Eboshi as equivalent and that's problematic. Eboshi's is the violence of the capitalist and of the extractivist while San's is the violence of resistance to extraction. These can never be equivalent.

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“There's a demon inside of you; it's inside of both of you.” What exactly is the message being conveyed in Princess Mononoke? Is Ashitaka framing the conflict as some sort of “both-sides” kind of deal? Wasn't the harm done by Eboshi and San is rather reacting to the harm done? I am a bit uncomfortable with this “both-sides” framing. I mean, the harm is clearly with Eboshi and San is reacting. If the harm was stopped, wouldn't San and co stand down?

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