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Please read my “Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago” where I discuss the possibility for anarchism in the Philippines!

“A better world is possible and is already being built. Against hierarchy and domination there is solidarity and cooperation. Join us in our struggle for a liberated politics, for a world beyond work, beyond the state, beyond capital, beyond hierarchy and domination itself!”

Either only a select few former workers negate their individual proletarian condition by becoming rulers or the proletariat abolishes itself and all class distinctions and abolishes the state as state.

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In the case of these former workers who become rulers, their proletarian condition is negated by their new position in the state (assuming if they were proletarian at all).

Our aim is not the individual negation of the proletarian condition, it is the negation of the proletarian condition writ large; the abolition of the condition of domination, subservience, and subjugation writ large.

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Just as the prole who becomes a cop negates their proletarian condition of subjugation and subservience, so do proles who become rulers cease to be proletarians. Their position in the social relationship of the state is that of the top to which proles are beneath them.

States can never have a proletarian character because the state is a social relationship of domination and subjugation. Bakunin says it best that such “workers states” are rather states of former workers.

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Trotsky is very much correct when he says “The worker who becomes a policeman in the service of the capitalist state, is a bourgeois cop, not a worker.” Yet he fails to apply this logic to why states can never have a proletarian character.

Just as we must push back against neoliberal capitalist ideology that incessantly tells us “there is no alternative,” we must be sceptical of ideologies that suggest theirs is the only way.

The Soviet Union will never return in the form it once took, but neither will Marxism-Leninism(-Maoism) go away either. What we will need is a transcendence or aufheben of the Soviet experience and of the ML(M) ideologies for our current contexts.

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The argument that Marxist-Leninism and MLM are the only valid ideologies because they are the only ones that held on to state power is essentially an appeal to past and present hegemony. This is eerily similar to an appeal to Capitalist Realism—that there is no alternative.

We as anarchists must say: yes there are alternatives to hierarchy, to domination! Capitalism and the state are but two of the many forms of organization that human societies have taken form.

I agree that the Bolsheviks were under the harshest conditions but conditions do not explain the decision to open another needless front in Ukraine against the Black Army or to needlessly break proletarian organizations or undermine soviet power. I cannot see how these were necessary.

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Every mistake by proletarian self-organization is worth more than a hundred steps by the central committee. The building of socialism for me is the building of proletarian agency. Political repressions, summary executions, and gulags are not those steps in building that agency.

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Fine, I agree that starvation is on the Entente powers, but you can't just hand wave away summary executions and political repression on expediency and material conditions. Neutering the Soviets also betrays a certain distrust of proletarian agency and it shows.

The Philippines is 10th in the world in the largest prison population of 215000 (as of Nov2019) and 2nd in the world in prison occupancy @ 463.6%. The vast majority of which (75.1%) are pre-trail detainees. My god, abolish prisons. Tear them down.

Murals of nature leave me melancholic. We are denied green spaces by an urbanism that upholds profit over living and what is left are mere images of nature.

“Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.”—§1 Society of the Spectacle.

“We are anarchists because we believe that no good comes from authority, or if some relative good could come from it, the consequent harm done would be a hundred times greater.” —Malatesta

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“And with these excuses they will seek to perpetuate their own power—which could begin as the strength of a people up in arms, but which, if not controlled by a profound feeling for the freedom of all, would soon become a real government, no different from the governments of today.” —Malatesta

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“If some people will have assumed the right to violate anybody’s freedom on the pretext of preparing the triumph of freedom, they will always find that the people are not yet sufficiently mature, that the dangers of reaction are ever-present, that the education of the people has not yet been completed. ...


“Communization works as a corrective on Marxism and Left-Anarchism which merely call for a different kind of management of production (worker self-management, state-run management) instead of a fundamentally different set of social relations”—Noche, Communization and Decolonization

The Philippine government is literally as atrocious. People are dying and the state pretends like it is fine.

Remember when “Bella Ciao” referred to antifascism and not a TV show? ‘Twas a simpler time.

Can ya imagine defending and/or denying atrocity crimes? “If it did happen, it was the revisionists in the party who committed it!”

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