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Please read my “Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago” where I discuss the possibility for anarchism in the Philippines!

“A better world is possible and is already being built. Against hierarchy and domination there is solidarity and cooperation. Join us in our struggle for a liberated politics, for a world beyond work, beyond the state, beyond capital, beyond hierarchy and domination itself!”

Kinda wild that there's an entire genre of Japanese books from the 19th century fantasizing about a Japanese intervention in the Spanish Philippines.

Every mistake by proletarian self-organization is worth more than a hundred steps by a central committee. The building of socialism is precisely the building of proletarian agency. Political repressions, summary executions, and gulags are not those steps in building that agency.

I just saw the news where a business owner was saying na kawawa ang mga workers niya at kailangan sila ng ayuda. HOY, pay them more kaya! The nerve of these burgesya to expect the state to subsidize low wages.

I'm now reading “The Communist Necessity”; so far I like it.

If National Democrats refuse to account for their opportunism with Villar, Poe, and Duterte, then they are condemned to repeat their opportunism with future burgis opportunists.

Heto na naman with the false binaries. Ang daming parliamentarians who didn't enable and work with Duterte. It's possible to have principles you know. Instead of owning up to the opportunism it is telling y'all are instead lying and obscuring.

The entry of socialists in the State is not the partial conquest of the State by socialists, but the partial conquest of socialists by the State.

I suddenly have the desire to type things onto index cards but have neither the money nor the desire to obtain a typewriter. I wonder if any library still rents those.

“Communism is not a state of affairs to be established, an ideal to which reality adjusts itself. Communism is the real movement which abolishes the present state of things, the conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.”

Seems like the closest capybara petting zoo is in Japan where people pay real money to watch capybaras eat a watermelon larger than them 🥺

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Is there a petting zoo somewhere where I can pet a capybara 🥺

“Otherwise, the next day, the next month or the next year, the power whose authority they recognise will take away the guns which they failed to use against it.”

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“The question is not: who has the guns? But rather: what do the people with the guns do? 10,000 or 100,000 proletarians armed to the teeth are nothing if they place their trust in anything beside their own power to change the world.”

My barangay is offering free national IDs. Should I get it or is it a security risk?

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