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Please read my “Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago” where I discuss the possibility for anarchism in the Philippines!

“A better world is possible and is already being built. Against hierarchy and domination there is solidarity and cooperation. Join us in our struggle for a liberated politics, for a world beyond work, beyond the state, beyond capital, beyond hierarchy and domination itself!”

Just learned about the Vice plus the Cambodia genocide thing. Whew. What the fuck.

Heto na naman ulit? Can our dreams fit in their little ballot boxes? Will we yet again be seduced by representing power? Do liberals have anything better to offer other than the continuation of the regime of police, prisons, and capital?
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A little over one year from now,the Duterte administration will be over but will surely leave the next administration with monstrous problems.That's no longer debatable.Make sure …

And where are the so-called socialist states in all this? Vietnam or PRC could have made their vaccines free to license but instead they chose to uphold the global system of copyrights. Ano na Cuba? Your move.
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By the way, this is DESCRIPTIVE, not normative. Don't be going post-left=libs in the rts.

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Is there an article covering the perspective from the workers and organizers themselves? What can we learn from this defeat?
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How Amazon beat the union vote in Bessemer, Alabama

I maintain two archives on and I can tell you of course PRC blocks it. is a historical record and contains criticisms of the national chauvinist regime in Beijing.
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Communist China blocked🙃

Hello Mastodon/Pleroma fediverse. Is there a Mastodon-to-Mastodon or Mastodon-to-Pleroma crossposter? Yeah I've seen Twitter-to-Mastodon crossposter, but how about a Mastodon-to-Mastodon or Mastodon-to-Pleroma crossposter that crossposts between different instances? Is there such a thing? I need it for some accounts.

I love helping other people write theory! ^__^ If only I could get over *my own* writer's block. :')

I love detournament
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In 2015 someone took the audio from the BBC’s coverage of a parade in North Korea and dubbed it over footage of a royal birthday parade outside Buckingham Palace.

I've been pronouncing oeuvre as "oveer" this whole time. 🙃 Sometimes I wonder if I am a little dyslexic.

I used to like microfinance too but apparently market solutions don't work
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I spent half of my career focusing on microfinance only to conclude it is a neoliberal strategy. My journey as a Ph.D. student made me open my eyes that to make these women uplift themselves, loans aren't the answer.

yes actually. ya'll should stop
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much of the left is incredibly fatphobic and you see it every time they mock the bodies of (evil and rightfully despised) politicians and other figures

Finally vaccinated! I came here 9am for a 10am appointment and after 6 hours I'm done. In my previous experience with Philippine bureaucracy it could have been so much worse so it's fine as it is.

Instead of a transitional program, Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin illustrates a survival program containing gains that could be won under the current society before a social revolution. Plus survival program sounds better than transitional program.

I am in yet another line. How is this line organized? Where is the beginning and the end? Who is next!? Bureaucracy amirite

“No war on China” doesn't have to mean atrocity denial.
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I mean, Black Agenda Report is ran by Margaret Kimberly who denies the Uyghur genocide and who attended a conference called “Right of Peoples to Self-Determination and Building a Multipolar World” hosted by Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia, a Russian-funded front group.

I have waited in line to wait in another line at the end. Malapit na. 😤

Western leftists shut the fuck up challenge. Look at his bio he ain't in South Asia, he's in the west.
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Caught in 4k

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