Endlessly frustrated by Marxists who can't comprehend living without a state. If you have no vision for statelessness, you have no vision for communism.

If BBM had his father's cunning (he does not), he would use peace talks to demobilize the CPP & divide their mass base. This was how Marcos sr defeated the PKP-1930 with concessions. The peace you bargain for with the state could be the peace of the grave.

Kinda really frustrating to see liberals both Filipino and American screaming to “VOTE” as if voting was sufficient to overcome this crisis. Voting didn't prevent Roe from being overturned and voting gave us a Marcos presidency.

Does anyone know of any viable Atom forks now that Atom has been announced that development will cease?

I'm in the middle of reading Liu Cixin's gripping THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM and I just learned that D&D of the Game of Thrones fame have control over the Netflix adaption.😬

I just learned the relationship between tankies and mangoes. Apparently, Pakistan gave Mao some mangoes and then Mao gave some of these to cultural revolutionaries and it heavily factored into Mao's cult of personality. So it's a reference to a cult. Great.

I learned recently that the Paris wing of the Chinese anarchists apparently coined the term "cultural revolution" and actively advocated for it, though it's not clear to me if they meant the same kind of Cultural Revolution that Mao would later advocate for.

Proletarian class power is not an end in itself like bourgeois class power, it has an end: the abolition of classes. Those who talk of proletarian class power without any perspective on abolition have a corpse in their mouth.

Resonating again with this.

“One day our solidarity will make them tremble. /
We are community in struggle. /
For the communization of life.”

I watched The Young Karl Marx (2017) and I found it bizarre. It felt like hero worship than a biopic. There was also a lot of weird emphasis on making Marx and Engels both sexy and smart, as in driving the point home that they fuck. They felt larger than life, almost inhuman.

We must be proletarians against proletarianization.

“Only by self-suppressing the proletarian condition, not just improving it, can we go on to be humans. The revolution will be proletarian for those that realize it and anti-proletarian through its content.”

I was like, surely they won't put incest in this Studio Ghibli film, right? Surely.

And then they did.

“From Up on Poppy Hills” reminds us that to move forward into the future we have to remember our past. Pero bakit incest talaga? ://

I wish someone would pay me to write theory. Having super niche skills sucks ://

“The end justifies the means. But what if there never is an end? All we have is means.” Ursula K. Le Guin's THE LATHE OF HEAVEN was quite a ride. I can see why it is known as one of her best books, a story about dreams, change, and the power to change the world.

That was a lot of drama. UK, European, and American cops built an elaborate spy network and the only result was harm. ACAB all the way.


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