To be revolutionary is not to improve how proletarianization is done, but to erode its foundations, for proletarians to abolish themselves as a class and in doing so become fully human.

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Why doesn't antiwork move towards revolts? Because the proletariat is ultimately also the class of capital and proles rely on capitalism for their survival and reproduction. This is the basic fact of proletarianization.

IWW organizers won a wage increase of $.75/hour to $1.50 which in today's pesos is ₱1290/hour to ₱2580!

Tankes be like on the “it didn't happen but they deserved it” level of genocide denial. Ghoulish stuff. Marxist-Leninists in the Philippines aren't like this; what the hell is up?

Gonna start a prole self-abolition reading group, maybe the first ultra reading group of its kind in this archipelago. We're gonna look into Marxism, communism, anarchism, communization, and the ultraleft. If you're interested, DM me and I'll send you the registration link!

Join the anti proletarian proletarian club. you're already part of it. all my homies hate being proles. The revolution will be proletarian through those who make it and anti-proletarian in content.

Only a sophist would say that the February and October revolutions constituted a two-stage revolution, with one stage bourgeois-democratic and the second proletarian. These aren't stages, they're a continuum of one continuous 1917 Russian Revolution. Fuck you Joma!

Joma Sison called Marcos fascist in PSR, and indeed I believe that revealing the trans-class support to Marcos could make that case, but Sison doesn't even know what fascism is, so he merely remains at the level of "fascism is stuff I don't like."

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In PSR, Joma Sison does not bother to define fascism. He uses "fascism" to mean "state violence I don't like." He is wrong. Fascism has a specific meaning: a reactionary transclass mass movement. His mystification of fascism prevented NatDems from seeing that Duterte was fascist.

I'm finally reading Joma Sison's “Philippine Society and Revolution” and boy do I hate it. It mystifies more than clarifies. Sison admits wage relations are generalized but refuses to concede this is capitalism.

@kauer Some Filipinos in the Philippines dislike the term and hate Filipino/a/x Americans for using it. There isn't much logic behind hate.

At this point I just block people for saying Filipinx is a slur. I have no time for toxicity like that.

My hot take on Filipinx is that let the Filams have their own things. If it helps, critical Filams also have a "Filipino/a/x" as an alternative to "Filipinx" just so peeps can be more inclusive. Let people have their nice things.

If the Friarocracy ruled the Philippines for three hundred years, it ruled Spain for a thousand. During the revolution, the Spanish were understandably upset at a millennia of theocratic rule. That and the friars were literally fascists, even making a new word: clerico-fascism.

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