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It seems to work best if there's plenty of photos of the subject in question. Inputting Errico Malatesa gives trash for some reason.

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Check out the Joyful Militancy reading group if you yearn for a world beyond rigid radicalism.

Also sucks that a libertarian left president Gabriel Boric just continues the same colonial policies of Chile on the Mapuche indigenous peoples. Goes to show, state power is the conquest of the socialist party, not socialist conquest of the state.

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Really sucks that a celebrated Marxist-Leninist Pedro Castillo defeated the daughter of the Peruvian dictator (a good thing), only to rule as a strikebreaker and cop-in-chief (very much a bad thing). Peru traded a right-wing dictatorship for a leftist strikebreaker.

Napoleon III was ousted due to a combination of communist revolution, a failed French invasion of Germany, and liberal politicians opportunistically taking over who later crushed the communists. Park was corrupt af and was removed by a combination of protest and impeachment.

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This "only in the Philippines" business is misleading. France elected Louis Napoléon as president and Korea elected Park Geun-hye as well, both coming from political dynasties that previously ruled their countries as dictatorships. Here's some hope: Both were eventually ousted.

I'll take that as a compliment 😘 :black_bloc_blob:

Kudos to y'all if you figure out what “Simoun Magsalin” is in reference to.

Events in those United States have caused entitled HERBAL ABORTION to reach #1 most downloaded text on the library.

can someone give me the tl;dr, who the heck is Clarita Carlos??

Quite frustratingly, the idea that the social revolution of the 21st century cannot take its poetry from the past but only from the future is still taking poetry from the past since that's a Marx quote from 18th Brumaire.🙃

A bit of a long shot, but would anyone know how to access the archives of the Intelligence Service (ISAFP)? There's a captured document there from the PKP-1930 that details the history of labor movement up to the 40s, literally a lost record of labor history.

I've always wondered, why is it Taiwan is included in the area of responsibility? @dost_pagasa puwede ka ba mag-answer? Ano ba yung dahilan?

One thousand three hundred and eighty-five words by Engels “On Authority” has stunted the intellectual development of Marxists for 200 years. Whatever happened to Mao's “Oppose Book Worship”?


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