Update: urgent, still asking for donations for power bills and see my grandpa as much as possible since he's starting to suffer from Alzheimer. Please boost 🍀 

Thanks you so much to everyone who boost and for the the donations so far!

Halfway there for the power bills!

We still need money for food and to pay the train to see my grandparents, because nobody can take care of them and my grandpa really struggles with Alzheimer almost surely.

Please help me see him more 🙏🏻


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Le principe de couchsurfing c cool mais la plupart des gens dessus sont pas du tt mon univers
trustroots.org c une initiative similaire mais tt open source et par cercle avec autostoppeurs, des squatters, des punks... Y a encore assez peu d'utilisateurs mais go !

The gender of the day is a formal suit covered in pins.

Vous savez où une future mère peut trouver des ressources féministes et respectueuses pour se renseigner, notamment sur l'accouchement? Blog, groupes...
(Attention les trucs free birth et affiliés c'est non)

"Are all monsters really monsters?" the hero asked.
"Monsters are like bastards," the witch said. "All bastards are bastards, but some bastards are /bastards/."
The hero nodded.
"That's what I thought. Thank you."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

No stream today😢
Mais 2 stream incroyables arrivent !

Mercredi 20h 50ÈME STREAM 🥳
Kahia, Lacrima et Flore, du jeu de plateau, un interrogatoire musclé🤔
Et des jeux à gagner !

Samedi 20h JDR
KcoQuidam sera notre MJ à Eldritch, Naelvha et moi

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help so far.

My meds are covered, we can afford some groceries but we need more to eat and we still have nothing to pay the power bill, we're already late for it...

My dog's getting older and would also need painkillers for his joints pain because it becomes difficult for him and pets meds are really expensive.

Please boost and donate if you want and can, you'd really save us.

Any amount is greatly appreciated, even 1€.

Thank you! 🙏🏻


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Nouvelle vidéo ! Enfin suffisamment d'énergie pour sortir une nouvelle vidéo !

Aujourd'hui on parle Honnêteté & #transidentités


[partage, commente, abonne toi, lâche un euro sur utip, tout ça tout ça ♥]

Asking for donations for two disabled folks - food, meds, power bills. Please boost 

Hi everyone!

Sorry to ask that but in 2019, we used to spend 250€ a month for food including our EDs. With inflation, we now spend twice this amount.

We live only on my disability benefits (920€) and it gets impossible to survive.

We also need 150€ for our power bill and money for my meds which are not refunded and really important for my health.

Thanks for any boost or donation! 💙


Je pense que y'a vraiment beaucoup de chose dans le monde du jdr qui sont de l'ordre de la croyance et absolument pas de l'expertise.

Variole du singe, TDS 

"La vaccination #Monkeypox ne se fait pas anonymement ni sous pseudonyme, comme toutes les vaccinations.
Dans ce contexte, les TDS craignent de devoir divulguer qu'ils sont TDS pour qu'on leur octroie, que ça laisse une trace."

Voir le fil de Cybèle Lespérance


Mercredi prochain 20h c’est mon 50ÈME STREAM !
Soyez là svp <3

Pour fêter ça 🥳
Il y aura la streameuse Kahia, la streameuse Lacrima et mon amie gamedev Flore 🐧
On va jouer à des jeux de plateau 🎲
Elles vont m’interoger🤔
Il y aura des jeux à gagner !

The gender of the day is a comforting valkyrie in a store.

The gender today is the smell of someone else doing the laundry and leaves burning.

If you're on the Fediverse and you want to host code for libre software and other collaborative projects, you might want to check out @gitea:


It's free, open source and it's currently in process of adding Fediverse compatibility through ActivityPub, the same standard that Mastodon etc use to communicate with each other.

You can see some of the Gitea instances that already have experimental Fediverse connections listed at fedidb.org/software/gitea

If you're just looking for a Gitea instance to join, there's @codeberg at codeberg.org

To see the current state of federated forges, have a look at the @forgefriends blog post at forgefriends.org/blog/2022/06/

#FediTips #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Gitea #ForgeFed #GitHub #GitLab #Alternatives

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