Politics! Protest songs!

TAKE HANDS AND MARCH is available as a single now(ish).

Please RT the hck out of this. I want to get everyone singing it. There's far too much to protest about.


How do you pronounce ".exe", as in, say, "winver.exe"?

-- a new political protest song, by me.

Charity single out on Friday.
Vocals by Jane Cameron, with Kit Thurman backing.
Thanks to Wanda Lotus, Tim Packer, Aldabra Stoddart, Kit Thurman, and Mike Thurman for being part of the video.
Like it, share it, sing it.


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I'm reading a book which says: an infant's first words denote its parents, representing its need for security.

*wry smile* My first word was "gone".

Quiz question: "Which of these counties has no mutual border with Somerset?"

Be warned that Somerset's border with Cornwall is not mutual... </silly>


I may be the last to realise that the Criminologist in RHPS and Blofeld in Diamonds are Forever were played by the same actor, Charles Gray.

I discovered as a teenager that hope can be used as a trap: if people know you're hoping for something, they can control you by withholding it. Giving up hope was massively liberating for me.

But it became rather a habit of mind, and it hasn't always served me well since.

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Don't just teach your students to read.
β€’ Teach them to question what they read, what they study.
β€’ Teach them to doubt.
β€’ Teach them to think.
β€’ Teach them to make mistakes and learn from them.
β€’ Teach them how to understand something.
β€’ Teach them how to teach others.

Credits: @proffeynman@twitter.com

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sui mention; verse 

sui mention; verse 

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gender reveal parties except it's whether your kid is human or a changeling from the fair folk


@fedilab it's probably a problem at my end, but why does fedilab 2.5.2 not allow login to the instance sandy-heath.thurman.org.uk ?

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