the new york police department gave more tickets for ‘moving violations’ to bikes than trucks in 2019


these italians may in fact get GDPRed or university ethics boarded out of this particular dataset but these protections won't work against more malicious commercial actors who don't bother to actually describe what they've done

food, holiday 

mutter paneer is red, white, and green, and therefore I declare it to be more Christmasy than whatever folks who actually celebrate this holiday are eating 🎄

racists, anti-semites, new york times in link 

on the deeply offensive, wrong, and dangerous idea that racists are somehow protecting us from anti-semitism

hooray the new version of @Tusky is out on Google Play and gab users can't use it!

the always-amazing folks at riseup have announced their new VPN service! it's free, though they ask that you donate to support it if you can

content moderation, content that deserves to be moderated 

you may no longer post pro-Trump content on popular knitting website Ravelry

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I think of myself as a fluent ESL speaker, but I have to think a long time when I see two buttons with the labels “Sign In” and “Sign Up”

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ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

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systemd is so controversial because it's short for "system dog", and a lot of linux folks are cat people

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programmers: duplicated effort is a sin, we should streamline processes as much as possible

also programmers: wtf i dont want to ride a bus, that shit is for people who are less good than me, its much better to sit in my car on the freeway for two hours while everyone else also drives their car

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Brazilian politics, Bolsonaro, fascism, transmysia, homomysia, anti-indigenous action 

On his first day in office, Bolsonaro is taking away the rights of LGBTQIA+ and indigenous people

Granted, there is some chance that this will be reversed in court but keep in mind that a) that is not now, b) there is no guarantee of that and c) Bolsonaro announced that he wants to overthrow democracy with military force, in which case courts become useless.

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