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apparently the waffle statistics are Too Serious to be delivered in English

if negation isn't real, I guess this sign isn't real, and thus negation is in fact real?

the best thing at may be watching the stage managers (β€œheralds”) try to announce that translation into French is available

To all our faithful listeners at #35C3:

Please join us at the Sendetisch @ Sendezentrum @ CCL on day 2 at 4pm. We are going to record a throwback episode talking about… MEXICO!

Bonus: Bring all your prejudices about Mexico with you so we can debunk them. Or not. [FX]

me 364 days of the year: not very observant mostly secular Jew

me December 21: HAIL MITHRAS

I changed the background of my Trello board from green to another colour because my coworker passed by and asked if I was playing Solitaire

i mean nothing on my tumblr is nsfw but i'm vaguely offended that The Algorithms didn't miscategorize e.g. this photo of me as Very Sexy

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