I think of myself as a fluent ESL speaker, but I have to think a long time when I see two buttons with the labels “Sign In” and “Sign Up”

ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

systemd is so controversial because it's short for "system dog", and a lot of linux folks are cat people

programmers: duplicated effort is a sin, we should streamline processes as much as possible

also programmers: wtf i dont want to ride a bus, that shit is for people who are less good than me, its much better to sit in my car on the freeway for two hours while everyone else also drives their car

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apparently the waffle statistics are Too Serious to be delivered in English

if negation isn't real, I guess this sign isn't real, and thus negation is in fact real?

the best thing at may be watching the stage managers (“heralds”) try to announce that translation into French is available

To all our faithful listeners at #35C3:

Please join us at the Sendetisch @ Sendezentrum @ CCL on day 2 at 4pm. We are going to record a throwback episode talking about… MEXICO!

Bonus: Bring all your prejudices about Mexico with you so we can debunk them. Or not. [FX]

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