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Even though Berlant is talking about the novel The Intuitionist, this sentence felt very familiar:

“Anonymity can provide a kind of proprioceptive freedom amid the performance demands of structural privilege” (Berlant 72)

“Movements within the present demand different dramas of adjustment and sensual self-development from the capitalist modes of the past. The sensual idiom of this tradition of reading the historical through its affective resonance in a present encounter would have to refractive the something developing within the geopolitical field that makes itself known as unstable, if not in crisis.”

Berlant, Cruel Optimism, pg 69 (nice)

“Survival in the present of an ordinary collective life suffused with a historic and historical crisis to which we are always catching up is the way we live now. The text [Habit by Gregg Bordowitz] enacts Harry Harootunian’s claim that contemporary global crisis time is thick, ‘a new time marked by a boundless present.’”

Lauren Berlant, Cruel Optimism, pg 59

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Samaria Rice Shares Memories of Tamir: ‘I Will Never Stop Fighting for My Son’ Show more

Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice's mother, is trying to start the Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

“I do not enjoy any holidays anymore because my son was so young and he was supposed to be celebrating these holidays with me... I try to enjoy it the best that I can because I do have the other kids, but it’s really just another day for me and I’m usually numb.”

Rest in Power Tamir, and love to Samaria Rice

Today would have been Malcolm X's 94th birthday

*extremely Bradley Nowell voice* PARticipating in some anARchy

new Carly Rae Jepsen and Megan Thee Stallion albums on the Same Fucking Day ✨🌸

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“This space beyond the edge hosts flora and fauna not yet and perhaps never to be fully subservient to the logics of settler colonialism, the plantation, and capitalism. From another perspective, the hills are the refuge of those who never agreed with the project of Western modernity. In countless books and films, the Negro, the Indian, the inbred hillbilly, the toothless hag, and so on, scratch scratch scratch at the idealized American family’s windows.”

ugh but also do not get it twisted that uploading your consciousness to a server or becoming disembodied will solve or destroy white supremacy

thats not the point either (the original toot is about fatigue, not about "transcending race")

Transhumanist future where I don't have to be in a racialized and gendered body and I can just be an ominous mist

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