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"I am against 'unity'—militantly so—and full of desire for radical community (militantly so). At the risk of making the case too bluntly: we experience and condone banal liberal calls to unity (which are often depressingly nationalist or patriotic) so incessantly that they are inescapable"

Policing and the Violence of White Being: An Interview with Dylan Rodríguez

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"The only truly effective response that will neutralize repression is already captured by the politics and practice of abolition and decolonization, led by black and indigenous communities against the colonial-capitalist order, and the politics of anti-violence work, which locates heteropatriarchy and misogyny as key conditions for state violence and repression"

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pronouns: they/them

- anarchist, prison abolitionist
- pro-looting and pro-communization
- anti-statist, anti-vanguard, anti-colonialism
- uninvited guest on occupied Ojibwe, Odawa and Bodewadmi land

let's help each other get free

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"the demand for love is not simply here expressed as a demand to love the nation as an abstract idea, but also to love a person whose body can stand in for the national idea, as a confirmation of its value...

Within the politics of love, identifying yourself as a white woman and as a white Aryan would mean loving not just men, or even white men, but white men who can return the idealised image of whiteness back to myself."

The best essay, the best one ever

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"The spill will threaten 66.5%-85.2% of Yemen’s Red Sea fisheries within one week, and 93.5%-100% of those fisheries within three weeks, depending on the season...

The UN has been seeking Houthi permission to inspect the ship, but the Houthis want undertakings that the vessl will also be repaired, an exercise that requires money the UN does not have available."

COVID recovery GoFundMe (please boost and donatE)

"This fundraiser is for Alex Terry... Standing by his side is his beautiful wife and four children. Awaiting his return is his mother, three brothers and a number of family members. We want family and friends to understand the severity of not only his case, but all whose been affected. We ask that all participate in the fighting of this Covid-19 virus. Wear a mask, sanitize, clean surfaces and better yet, stay safe."

"the displaced people entering their iris scans and fingerprints into the biometric register of refugee intake systems are those who simultaneously refuse the symbolism of Ethiopian exceptionalism used to justify the Tigray genocide. They are largely excluded from public contestation of narratives around the war on western social media."

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"The operational capacity to unleash military terror onto Tigray can be traced to the massive amounts of U.S. military aid given to Ethiopia during Meles’ tenure as Prime Minister under the auspices of fighting terrorism in East Africa. ... Ethiopia’s strategic geopolitical location in the Horn combined with Meles’ alignment with western developmental goals incentivized silence about his administration’s human rights violations."

this article is blowing my mind rn

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"Our conceptions of the white supremacist global order unduly forecloses the possibility of an honest confrontation of intra-racial violences and the legacies of African empires. Here the enduring figure of the white colonizer occludes recognition of Black Indigenous peoples and the agency of an African state committing genocide in the name of unity rather than engaging with the messy entanglement between white supremacy and the particularities of Ethiopian state formation."

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TIGRAY, OROMIA, AND THE ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE by Tibeso Ayantu and Abdurahman Khadijah

"In his 1994 book Race Rebels, historian Robin D.G. Kelley describes how 'the defeat of the Italians by the Ethiopian Army was a catalyst for internationalism among the American Black Left.' But Ethiopian exceptionalism both invisibilizes and flattens the struggles of differently situated oppressed people within the Ethiopian Empire."

Haitian migrants revolt in custody and seize control of privately contracted bus

unfortunately while they escaped the bus, they were captured again

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(global) anti-Black violence and racial terror, migration, the call for papers 

I think it's also important to see connections between the demands from Black migrants in Tapachula and the demands from the Gilets Noirs in France -- both call for freedom of movement and papers to facilitate that movement

how do both sets of demands allow us to see how anti-Blackness works globally? (rhetorical, but we should be thinking of these things together)

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"There’s a crisis of violence and [anti-Black] racism in southern Mexico. It needs urgent attention." in the Washington Post (8/31/21)

"Tapachula has become 'a hellscape of discrimination and unemployment' for asylum seekers. 'As more Haitian asylum seekers are purposely bogged down in Tapachula due to the governments’ containment strategy, they become more visible and exposed to the already existing xenophobia of the local population.'"

and has been since 2019...

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anti-Black violence and racial terror, migration 

and I boosted those links from 2019 about migrants from Tapachula, Chiapas to make a point not about the scene of the whipping (which is violent and cruel in its own right) but to emphasize that Mexico, also a settler colonial nation, has its own decidedly anti-Black policy stance re: African and Haitian migrants, as well as a history of anti-Blackness that shapes that policy stance

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trafficking in images of anti-Black violence and racial terror 

I do think that the circulation of images of Border Patrol whipping Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico Border is uh just as vile as circulating videos of Black people being murdered by the police

Just... something to keep in mind

"Calls for Indian exclusion [in 1907] became indistinguishable from [the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Immigration and Naturalization's] anxieties over Indian anticolonialism. Representative John Raker of California, a vocal advocate for Indian exclusion, insisted that Indians were making the country a 'hotbed of revolution' by using it as a base to organize revolutionary political movements"

survival fund for a formerly incarcerated trans man

"i have been raising money to buy some essentials for those coming home such as prepaid cell phone, backpack, work boots, journal, pens, $100 gift card, and information on how to obtain health insurance, license, id, and other important documents that they will need"

please support Ky Peterson and his GoFundMe

crowdfund, Help a Family of Five Escape Severe Abuse 

This GFM is halfway there:

"The home environment goes through ups and downs, and things are becoming a bit more terrifying. My father has tried taking my mom into her car at 2-3AM within the past few days to go on a “drive” and he is calling overseas more often and the arguments have become more intense. We are carefully behaving ourselves to not agitate him."

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crowdfund, please boost + donate, TW domestic abuse discussion in GFM link 

$35k is not an impossible goal, but this GFM is time-sensitive

please share, donate, help this family escape the abuser that has been controlling their lives

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crowdfund, please boost + donate, TW domestic abuse discussion in GFM link

" I am currently in the process of signing my mom and siblings up for assisted housing and other forms of support, but the wait times are variable. I have to do everything very carefully and in secret... Inshallah you will be saving five lives by assisting us. We deeply appreciate your generosity and support in the most painful period of our lives."

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