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"I am against 'unity'—militantly so—and full of desire for radical community (militantly so). At the risk of making the case too bluntly: we experience and condone banal liberal calls to unity (which are often depressingly nationalist or patriotic) so incessantly that they are inescapable"

Policing and the Violence of White Being: An Interview with Dylan Rodríguez

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"The only truly effective response that will neutralize repression is already captured by the politics and practice of abolition and decolonization, led by black and indigenous communities against the colonial-capitalist order, and the politics of anti-violence work, which locates heteropatriarchy and misogyny as key conditions for state violence and repression"

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pronouns: they/them

- anarchist, prison abolitionist
- pro-looting and pro-communization
- anti-statist, anti-vanguard, anti-colonialism
- uninvited guest on occupied Ojibwe, Odawa and Bodewadmi land

let's help each other get free

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"the demand for love is not simply here expressed as a demand to love the nation as an abstract idea, but also to love a person whose body can stand in for the national idea, as a confirmation of its value...

Within the politics of love, identifying yourself as a white woman and as a white Aryan would mean loving not just men, or even white men, but white men who can return the idealised image of whiteness back to myself."

The best essay, the best one ever

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"The Pegasus project is likely to spur debates over government surveillance in several countries suspected of using the technology. The investigation suggests the Hungarian government of Viktor Orbán appears to have deployed NSO’s technology as part of his so-called war on the media, targeting investigative journalists in the country as well as the close circle of one of Hungary’s few independent media executives."

I would love it if @SocialConstructEverywhere actually changed their inputs for "social" to

"[social, political, cultural, historical...]" construct but

If you're thinking about becoming a pen pal with a prisoner, carefully read this great guide by Black and Pink first:

And make sure you carefully read the guidelines for sending mail into state and federal prisons versus jails. It fucking sucks to have your letter rejected bc you used colored paper or felt tip pen or whatever.

for people asking what "real" harm tankies can do....

from 2019: "On July 31st, the self-proclaimed 'revolutionaries' of Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) mimicked the fascist state by rehearsing their own Maoist brand of authoritarian repression at the jail solidarity and courtwatch workshop, 'What To Do In Case Of Arrest.'"

re-upping this fundraiser for my comrade C to get a car to keep doing mutual aid and solidarity work!

thank you so much

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covid + prisons (Hawai'i) 

"In a ruling issued late Tuesday afternoon, U.S. District Judge Jill Otake granted class-action status to the lawsuit by inmates alleging state officials mishandled the pandemic and failed to implement its Pandemic Response Plan.

Lawyers for the inmates asked the judge to appoint an expert who could ensure the plan is being followed."

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covid + prisons (Thailand) 

"The severity of the COVID-19 situation in the Thai prison system only surfaced after several prominent pro-democracy activists held in these prisons tested positive for the virus during their pre-trial detention or shortly after being released on bail. Between 12 May and 15 July 2021, 38,019 inmates in prisons across Thailand were infected with COVID-19. This number represents about 12% of the total prison population."

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covid + prisons (alabama)

"The letter from ADOC Commissioner Jeff Dunn, which framed the request as enhancing health care and programming for inmates, reflects ongoing discussions by legislators about using pandemic recovery funds for prison construction, following the collapse of Gov. Kay Ivey's proposed build/lease program for new facilities. "

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covid + prisons (alabama) 

"In the state with the worst vaccination rate in the country, where rural hospitals are closing like Blockbuster stores and tens of thousands of Alabamians lack basic sewer services, we’re trying to use COVID recovery funds to incarcerate people."

Shameless: Alabama asks to use COVID funds to build more prisons

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The refusal to use clemency powers for mass release/pardon is usually indicative of how the state thinks of "criminals" in total etc etc

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"That leaves two options if those prisoners are not to be sent back into cells: Either Congress could enact a law to expand the Justice Department’s authority to keep them at home beyond the emergency, or President Biden could use his clemency powers to commute their sentences to home confinement."

Although I hate the notion of begging politicians for grace/mercy, clemency powers are underused and a done deal when exercised. I don't think Biden will tho

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Biden Legal Team Decides Inmates Must Return to Prison After Covid Emergency

people who were released from prison on home confinement (still carceral...) under the CARES Act are going to be sent back to prison.

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FBI entrapment is part of that process

court systems are part of that process

indictment documents are part of that process

the whole deal

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and to be clear, the only possible reading of this whole event is to see it as the recalibration of the white supremacist carceral state, and as part of an ongoing process of legitimizing settler colonial and anti-Black power

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It'll be fascinating to see if Michigan courts side with the defendants (I kinda doubt it? a defense based on FBI entrapment doesn't hold a lot of water)

anyways, let me get my popcorn

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