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Words I like:

- hamantaschen
- crepuscular
- mariposa
- jam
- smock
- avocado
- petal
- 鳥
- apricot
- portefeiulle
- bumblebee

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"the demand for love is not simply here expressed as a demand to love the nation as an abstract idea, but also to love a person whose body can stand in for the national idea, as a confirmation of its value...

Within the politics of love, identifying yourself as a white woman and as a white Aryan would mean loving not just men, or even white men, but white men who can return the idealised image of whiteness back to myself."

The best essay, the best one ever

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Two moms and two supporters need to be bailed out of Santa Rita (one of the worst jails in the US)

Support them here:

housing for all

Alameda County Sheriff and house flippers in the Bay would rather have Black mothers in jail than housed.


#moms4housing, housing is a human right 

#moms4housing, housing is a human right 

the superior toto song is Hold the Line but y'all arent ready for that conversation

songs about hating the cops :acab: 

songs about hating the cops :acab: 

songs about hating the cops :acab: 

pointless horrible disgusting assassinations by the us govt in iran

words that have the same cadence and syllables as Pokémon 

Miami, :acab: 

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