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Words I like:

- hamantaschen
- crepuscular
- mariposa
- jam
- smock
- avocado
- petal
- 鳥
- apricot
- portefeiulle
- bumblebee

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"the demand for love is not simply here expressed as a demand to love the nation as an abstract idea, but also to love a person whose body can stand in for the national idea, as a confirmation of its value...

Within the politics of love, identifying yourself as a white woman and as a white Aryan would mean loving not just men, or even white men, but white men who can return the idealised image of whiteness back to myself."

The best essay, the best one ever

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"Sitting on the floor of that dorm room, I would have sworn on everything I loved that hip-hop would never be the same after 'Not Yet Free' and Kill My Landlord — even though I hadn't heard it yet. I really knew that everything involving hip-hop, black boys, black girls, freedom, capitalism, raced oppression, truth, rap music, violence, white supremacy, honesty and me was about to change forever."

"The border is itself a site of discipline where citizens are either included or excluded based on markers of race, gender, and class; legible as productive members in the economy of a global financial hub, or exploited as reproductive labour, ineligible to claim decent wages, housing, or permanent residence, rights that are routinely afforded to other (read: white) foreigners."

"History often rhymes. Power may have shifted from the British empire to the Chinese state and local Hong Kong government, but the priority of ‘law and order’ remains the same."

Check out a new-ish (new to me!) project from Hong Kong:

"Lausan 流傘 is a collective of writers, researchers, activists and artists from Hong Kong and its diasporas, engaging with the city’s political struggle. Through translation, creation, and education, Lausan 流傘 aims to build solidarity on the international left with Hong Kongers’ unfinished fight to imagine emancipatory futures after colonialism, against both Chinese and Western imperialism."

from Bifo Berardi’s “The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance” (2012) 

from Bifo Berardi’s “The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance” (2012) 

San Diego, CA people: 

wheeewwwww a word against the false promises and bullshit of mestizaje 

"The big boss and his overseers build walls, borders, and sieges to try to contain these people who they claim are bad examples. But they never achieve their goal because dignity, courage, rage, and rebellion can’t be held back or incarcerated." -- by Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés / EZLN

Mauna Kea, Fuck the state and especially fuck the settler colonial state 

freedom for African migrants detained in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico 

Birdsite link, anti-blackness is a global structural thing not isolated in the so-called USA or Europe 

the biggest mood is Aime Cesaire's resignation from the PCF 

g r u m p y 

URGENT: Hurricane Dorian Phone Zap 

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