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"I am against 'unity'—militantly so—and full of desire for radical community (militantly so). At the risk of making the case too bluntly: we experience and condone banal liberal calls to unity (which are often depressingly nationalist or patriotic) so incessantly that they are inescapable"

Policing and the Violence of White Being: An Interview with Dylan Rodríguez

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"The only truly effective response that will neutralize repression is already captured by the politics and practice of abolition and decolonization, led by black and indigenous communities against the colonial-capitalist order, and the politics of anti-violence work, which locates heteropatriarchy and misogyny as key conditions for state violence and repression"

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pronouns: they/them

- anarchist, prison abolitionist
- pro-looting and pro-communization
- anti-statist, anti-vanguard, anti-colonialism
- uninvited guest on occupied Ojibwe, Odawa and Bodewadmi land

let's help each other get free

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"the demand for love is not simply here expressed as a demand to love the nation as an abstract idea, but also to love a person whose body can stand in for the national idea, as a confirmation of its value...

Within the politics of love, identifying yourself as a white woman and as a white Aryan would mean loving not just men, or even white men, but white men who can return the idealised image of whiteness back to myself."

The best essay, the best one ever

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Antifash Gordon, abuse, fuck this guy!!! 

yo the list of people who signed onto this

he's finally done. wish ppl took it seriously when it was Black ppl bringing this to light in december of 2019 but

here we are

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Antifash Gordon, explicit mention of abuse, fuck this guy 

"Examples of this abusive behavior include, but are not limited to, multiple instances of withdrawing affection and withholding communication; offering financial resources as gifts or 'mutual aid' only to later demand repayment; attempting to isolate those close to him from others; violating personal boundaries; and gaslighting. The results of these behaviors to his victims have been profound. "

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Antifash Gordon, abuse, don't deify ppl who are "doing the work" 

"In January of 2021, AFG recommended his followers sign up for a webinar with Skopenow, a company with a documented history of collaborating with law enforcement. When a digital security expert raised concerns about inexperienced researchers sharing their personal information with Skopenow, AFG dismissed them, saying there was 'no need to scare people.'"

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Antifash Gordon, abuse, don't deify ppl who are "doing the work"

"AFG uses the network of clout he has cultivated to create rewards for his inner circle, much of which consists of women and people of marginalized genders and identities. He has also weaponized his clout in an effort to discourage various collectives from working with one another, for romantic as well as professional reasons."

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"While DEACON seethes with sensuality, serpent’s openness never lets it devolve into licentiousness: on ‘Wood Boy’, he willingly relinquishes control to a lover, melting into scented ecstasy and on ‘Derrick’s Beard’, his morning-after reverie is elegiac and lulling."

actually tho, Wood Boy is one of my favorites. Like cherubim on soil, a song about giving yourself entirely to your lover >

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holy shit

Armed Militants Burn Prison, Free 1,844 Prisoners, Bomb Police Headquarters in Owerri, Nigeria

"The militants used dynamite, heavy explosives and sophisticated guns during the attacks. The armed combatants also attacked the Police Station in Owerri, while firing consistently with AK-47 rifles and explosives, released some prisoners detained in the SCID cells and set ablaze many vehicles parked at the headquarters premises"

feeling like a broken record but uh fuck "hate crimes" and hate crime legislation, and fuck "hate" as a framework through which to understand racism, homophobia, transphobia, or other modes of reactionary, violent and otherwise oppressive belief + attendant action

"Japan is still seen by us from afar, subject to preconceptions and pining. Like exotica before it, YouTube city pop promises a romantic escape across the Pacific that’s somewhat detached from reality, feeding the imaginations of young homebodies scrolling online."

this is a REALLY good article

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Typically, when people in the West talk about [Japanese] city pop, 'we’re really talking about ourselves, and how we view Asia,' says Chun. A deeper examination reveals even more layers: Western mythologies of Japan as our techno-capitalist future, the internet’s acceleration of global exchange, and the uncanny role of recommendations algorithms in fostering nostalgia for an artificial past."

The Endless Life Cycle of Japanese City Pop by Cat Zhang

TW rape, sexual violence and colonialism in West Papua, some gender essentialism 

"One survey found that four out of ten women had been subjected to Indonesian state violence. And, since no kind of violence exists alone, it’s no accident that rape violence occurs in regions with 'strategic' extractive industries like mining, oil palm plantations, aloe wood, and fishing. Sexual violence and violence against the Earth are intimately connected."

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