Saw some videos of lads in Hong Kong responding to tear gas so fuckin effectively

Cops would fire a canister at a group of protestors, and then 5-6 people would run over and douse it or throw a damp rag over it to throw it back at the cops. That’s some SHIT man. That’s incredible. That’s a level of organized that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any demos in the US

Also, these kids!!!! out here stomping on cops and the cops are RUNNING and conceding to these kids! Fuck yeah! :acab:

@mooncake I didn't see the video, but it feels like if you had a big damp towel, it could double as a kind of sling to really whip that thing back at the cops

@mooncake Fast-forward a couple days/weeks and people will get arrested for owning a towel. That's pretty much what happened in France, where in major cities on protests days anything and everything is considered a weapon and can get you arrested and detained for up to 48 hours.

@jkb k, sure hope that doesn't happen, I don't really know enough about the patterns and behaviors of French vs HK police to make that judgement call

Umbrellas havent been banned from protests sites and have been used both, like, yesterday and during the Umbrella Uprisings in 2014, so I hesitate to assume what you're foreseeing would happen. For now, towels are pretty cool.

@mooncake Yeah I'm the bitter pessimist around here, deep down I hope these protests go through and getg stuff changed.

@jkb i don't really think that protests *can* change anything, but I do think it is important and good for people to throw things at cops, especially tear gas

@jkb @mooncake

> owning a towel

well, having one out on the street, but yes. fortunately if you have a spare hoodie it works just as well as a towel 😈 "I thought I was gonna be cold!"

unless they're gonna make textiles and bottled water illegal, this doesn't seem feasible long-term

(and they'll make up reasons to arrest if they're enforcing order and not the law, s'why "loitering" is illegal in the first place)

@jkb @mooncake

(plus there's always the Millwall Brick, but history's got lots of examples of things like that. so do prison contraband exhibits. so much to learn!)

@jkb back in the days of the umbrella revolution, the HK government would have loved to prohibit umbrellas.

The Chief Executive at the time had said publicly that umbrellas can be dangerous weapons, "as we've seen in Jacky Chan movies". 😏


@mooncake if they want to get slightly more prepared, there's this:

(Video in French, but should be understandable)

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